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Koo Stark
Antman was written on July 6, 1999

Several scenes

Mostly topless and couple of fully nude scenes.

puckhead was written on April 27, 2001

teeny tiny titties

Prince's Andrew's old gilrfriend looks about 15 in this film (she was 20). She spends the film trying to defend her virtue, while undressing alot. The bath scene gives a nice long, well lit view of her very nice body with adolecent looking breasts.

Cyclone was written on May 1, 2001

Several scenes

Koo has three noteworthy scenes. In the first scene, her dress is dropped and she is made to rub her breasts. Later on, there is a longer scene when she is in the bath, and we see her breasts, the side of her butt, and a brief glimpse of bush. Finally, we again see her breasts and butt towards the end of the film, when she bathes in the lake. All of the exposure is quite clear, but I simply didn't enjoy it because she looked quite young, no doubt in part because of her VERY small breasts.

Lydia Lisle
Cyclone was written on May 1, 2001

Many scenes

Lydia shows off her nice breasts in the opening minutes of the movie while she is rubbing herself all over. Very nice scene. She also has two sex scenes where we can briefly see her breasts, with the first including a very dark peek at her bush when she gets out of bed. We get one last look at her bare breasts when she is lying in bed about two-thirds into the movie. Worth checking out her exposure, mainly because of the first scene.

puckhead was written on April 27, 2001


From convent to brothel... seems a natural transition. plays the slutty older sister of Justine. We see her boobs clearly a few times (much fuller than Koo Stark's) and a couple of flashes of very dark bush.

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