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Christian Boeving
misty_rose was written on June 28, 2004

Hot jerkoff scene

He jerks off on a couch to a sex tape of a previous scene in the film (which he took no part in). We get nice close-ups of his huge cock, as well the rest of his body as he touches himself in various other places. He stands, feeling his well-sculpted butt and muscular body, before laying down back on the couch. It takes a little while to get hard, but he does, and in one great close up his dick erupts, splashing cum all over his thigh. The cumshot is replayed three times, so that we can catch the entire climax from his cock, as well as see his facial expressions. The only drawbacks to the scene are that every 10 seconds or so it cuts to a shot of the TV screen, of the sex tape which we've already seen before (no doubt to make the scene last longer) and the overall scene is in poor lighting.

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