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1997 High Stakes 1 Review
1986 Youngblood 7 Reviews

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High Stakes (1997)
Heywood Jablowmie was written on January 23, 1999

Brief breast flash.

This is a made for cable (Lifetime) movie where Cynthia plays a housewife addicted to gambling. In one scene she strips down to a T shirt, panties and pantyhose. She then removes her bra while still wearing the T shirt. As she removes the bra, her shirt flips op for a few frames showing her left breast. It's not exactly spectacular, but it is a nude scene.

Youngblood (1986)
Texasmovieman was written on May 24, 2011

sex scean

nipple shows but wish she showed more

Bushyboy was written on January 1, 2008

making love in front of fire

All the views are quick flashes lasting less than a second each. Nice side view of ass, several side views of tits/nipples, and a couple of good front views of tits/nipples. Absolutely no bush. These are all interspersed with the 'house mother' fixing tea and expecting to get some of what Gibb is getting!

Omni was written on July 20, 2000

Lovely Cynthia, young and hot

Cynthia and Rob have sex, revealing her large yet flat-shaped breasts. The scene is fairly good in that it shows a lot, but the lighting is pretty poor. Still, it beats her bra scene from Death Warrant.

xxzz was written on October 27, 2003

Great Ass

Cynthia Gibb began her career as a model when she was 14 years old. In Youngblood her model's body is in full view. As the nude Cynthia lies on top of horny Rob Lowe during her sex scene, Rob's hands find her magnificent ass. Rob gets quite a feel first with one hand and then both hands as her ass gets a good working over.

RudeHands was written on April 30, 2005

Mattress Sweat

Rob Lowe and Cynthia Gibb really get it on here after they discover that his bed creaks a little too much. They promptly throw the mattress on the floor in front of a roaring fireplace and proceed to make some great love. We get pretty good shots of her flattened massive tits, but that ass is as good as it gets. Rubbing his hands over it must have caused Lowe to ejaculate (who wouldn't after all) even though he was no stranger to nude scenes with hot female leads at the time (check out *About Last Night...* for some with Demi Moore). Still, his scene with Gibb is my personal favorite, though it could've been better had all the undressing been shown.

CastingCouchEntertainment was written on October 1, 2004

Cynthia Gibb having sex!

In this film 23 year old Cynthia Gibb plays Jessie Chadwick, a beautiful young Coach's daughter, who falls for the new hocky prospect, played by Rob Lowe. At 58:40 (DVD version) these two characters get down to business, as they make love on a matress on the floor. Cynthia looks cute in her winter underwear, and even better as they make love. This scene provides a great view of her sweatty naked body. We get a clear view of her butt, and several shots of her bare breasts. Her soft moans are a nice plus as well. The movie is decent, but this scene is a must see for Cindy Gibb fans, and is a great introcution to her if you've never seen her before.

Jackie was written on November 29, 1998

In bed with Rob Lowe

Quick shot of her tits and buns as she's making love with Rob Lowe.After sex Rob Lowe grabs a bottle, removes the sheets and pours water over her and in doing so giving us all a nice view of her little titties.

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