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Daisy Diamond's Sexy Actresses

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Rapace, Noomi 4 Reviews
Dyrholm, Trine 1 Review

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Noomi Rapace
Ghostwords was written on March 26, 2012


Ms Rapace is shown being screwed with a strap-on, doggie-style. We see her naked right side and the side of her right breast. As the woman behind moves at the begining of this brief scene, the phallus drops noticably, indicating Ms Rapace was holding it between her thighs, rather than any actual penetration taking place.

Couthon was written on June 12, 2010

Many sexual scenes and close up of Noomi's very hairy genitals

Noomi was 27 at time of filming and plays the mother of a young baby who becomes a porn actress. She has striking features with dark brown hair and high cheekbones. We first see her auditioning with a rape scene, naked except for a rolled up sweater. Noomi has extraordinarily small breasts, flabby and beginning to sag slightly, which would barely fit an AA cup. They jiggle around as she moves and are crowned by large mauve nipples. Her breasts are too small to be convincingly playing a new mother.

In the audition scene we see Noomi's amazingly hairy genitals as she writhes around, including her long wrinkled labia underneath all the pubic hair. Noomi must be one of the hairiest women ever in film, her mousey-brown pubic hair thickly sprouts all over her inner thighs and groin.

We see her thick pubic bush andsmall saggy breasts jiggling round as she gets out of a bath angrily to stop the baby crying. It is also clear that Noomi, like many european women, has hairy armpits. In a later scene she has been told to shave her hairy body, and good closeups of her trimming her pubic hair and armpits.

Sexual scenes include her getting penetrated by a strap on by her lesbian employer and a male penetration scene. Neither offer closeups, but the sloshing noises are convincing. Finally, we see Noomi's pubic hair, now growing back, and minute breasts as she lies in a bath.

georgelloyd1 was written on March 26, 2012


What is this American infatuation with large breasts and shaved vaginas? Not every actress has to look like Barbie, you know.

Creepyhead was written on April 27, 2017

Exploited Strap-on doggy style

Noomi plays the title character and is auditioning for an acting role and the lesbian producer exploits her.

Noomi is reluctant and passive aggressive to the lesbian, then the scene cuts to a side on shot of both women on a bed with Noomi on all fours and the lesbian wearing a strap on and holding on to her hips. The lesbian is a bigger lady and gives Noomi some hard thrusts making Noomi close her eyes and grimace. You see a little of Noomis small titis and the lesbians bigger tits plus a side on if both their asses.Then it changes to a frontal shot of Noomi face moving back and forward looking bored. The lesbian picks up the pace and Noomi looks like she's about to burst into tears! The lesbian then pulls on Noomis hair and spanks her ass hard in a side in shot. She then thrusts hard repeatedly and cums then rolls off. A front shot of Noomis face show she is in shock and getting her breath back.

Not a lot of good nudity but great fun to watch, only about half a minute long.

Trine Dyrholm
Ghostwords was written on March 26, 2012


Ms Dyrholm is shown having sex with Noomi Rapace, doggie-style with a strap-on. Ms Rapace's own body blocks most shots of Ms Dyrholm, but we do eventually see both breasts and her butt. The scene lasts about 35 seconds.

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