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year title
2005 Caché 2 Reviews
2004 Sotto falso nome 1 Review
2000 Veuve de Saint-Pierre, La 1 Review
1999 Mauvaise passe 2 Reviews
1997 Lucie Aubrac 1 Review
1996 Voleurs, Les 1 Review
1996 Closet, The 1 Review
1994 Queen Margot 6 Reviews
1993 Ma saison préférée 2 Reviews
1982 T'empêches tout le monde de dormir 1 Review

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Caché (2005)
Absalon was written on February 24, 2006

nude in the dark

"Caché" is a very good movie by Michael Haneke. The main role is played by a mature but still attractive Daniel Auteuil. Towards the end of the film, Auteuil tryes to sleep though night hasn't still come. He moves the curtains so sunshine can't get into the bedroom and then gets naked. He is completely naked, but there is no light, so you only can hardly see where his penis is, or the perfect curvature of his ass. I rate it 2 stars just because I think Auteuil still looks very sexy.

donby was written on June 27, 2006

Getting undressed for bed.

This scene is almost completely dark. All you see is a sliver of light on Auteuil's back. Impossible to tell whether he is nude or not. If you want to see him in the altogether, rent Ma Saison Preferee

Cache is a slow infuriating film to be avoided like the plague.

Sotto falso nome (2004)
FreightTrain was written on December 23, 2009

Several scenes throughout movie

Auteuil plays Greta Scacchi's husband, engaged in an extracurricular affair with Anna Mouglalis - his son's new bride. Auteuil gives us several full rear views as he sexes Mouglalis, rolls around in the bed with her, etc. He's in good shape at 54 years old. From a nudity standpoint, this film clearly belongs to Anna Mouglalis, but Auteuil and Giorgio Lupano (Mouglalis' husband) show off their bodies as well.

Veuve de Saint-Pierre, La (2000)
Ryan was written on March 29, 2001

Brief butt making love with his wife

Daniel and on screen wife Juliette Binoche roll around in bed making love. His butt is briefly on view when he is on top of her. It is shot from a bit of a distance and is not a clear or long look by any means.

Mauvaise passe (1999)
MarcioGore was written on December 22, 2011

Great butt view

He's making love with a woman and he's on top,so we have a great view of that firm and hot ass(maybe balls) of a mid-age man!

5th_element was written on May 5, 2003

Rear + balls?

This teddy bear shows off his firm and round butt when he has sex with a female costar. A nice body for a man his age.

Lucie Aubrac (1997)
Ozzie700 was written on January 4, 2002

Side and Brief Rear

Middle-aged but still somewhat dashing French actor shows his large, attractive rear from a distance (side and brief full rear) while being examined in a prison. Later on he's toweling after a bath and we see more side and his thick crop of dark pubes.

Voleurs, Les (1996)
Mortie was written on July 3, 2014

Post-coital scene: buttocks, chest and pubic hair, and the base of his penis

Personally, I do not find Monsieur Auteuil at all attractive. But, if you like him, he puts on quite a good show in a post-coital scene where he takes off his shirt, showers, then moves to the window and dresses. The scene runs from about 20:40 minutes to about 22:02 minutes.

Closet, The (1996)
Ozzie700 was written on August 7, 2003

Jiggling on counter

Daniel (looking well even at 50+) is the lead in this star-studded French comedy about a straight man who feigns homosexuality to keep his job. About 10 minutes before the closing credits, Daniel is having sex with a woman, thrusting on top of her. His pants are at his knees and his shirt is still on, so you can only see a short glimpse at his ass. What we do see, albeit from a horrible angle, is very fleshy and not anywhere near as appetizing as his meaty Queen Margot-era cheeks.

Queen Margot (1994)
Guru69 was written on October 3, 2002

Quick buns

Auteuil shows his butt when he lifts up his shirt in front of Queen Margot before he bathes. Lots of nudity in the film - besides the starts there's also lots of nude dead bodies laying around - but Auteuil's is the most brief. Touch to find - never seen an "unrated" version.

FrenchBoy was written on August 29, 2000

Butt shot

As he strips to have a bath, we see his butt

Ozzie700 was written on September 9, 2002

Doughy Delights

This is the last male nudity in the film (about 1 hour and 40 minutes in), and Daniel easily carries the torch passed to him by Vincent Perez. He takes off his clothes for bed, and finally pulls off his shirt to expose his butt. He has a meaty, shapely, full rump; you just want to take a bite out of it. Perfect ass.

Ozzie700 was written on September 9, 2002


Sorry, that's on the bed, not for bed. And his nude scene is actually about 5 minutes later than what I originally wrote. 1 hour & 40 minutes is the last time for Vincent.

Nickkkkk was written on June 24, 1999

Removing his clothes for bed

Pretty nice ass !!

BMac was written on April 29, 2009

Well formed butt

Daniel Auteuil manages to look even smelly as the bumptious but good-hearted future Henri IV, but he does give some idea of his appeal with a clear look at his butt at 1:45.58.

Ma saison préférée (1993)
WileyPark was written on July 16, 2011

Just a flash

As Daniel Auteuil goes for a swim, he walks by the camera and we see a quick glimpse of his butt. We then see him dive past the camera into the water, offering just a flash of butt again. It's clear that he's completely naked, but there are no frontal shots and the two ass shots barely add up to one second, so give this a pass for nudity (the movie's pretty great, though).

donby was written on August 30, 2004

Side view as he dives into river.

As the mother, daughter (Catherine DeNeuve) and son visit childhood haunts, Auteuil decides to strip and dives into a river. It is definitely Auteuil in the nude, but we cannot see any of his crotch area.

Estranged brother & sister have to deal with each other when their mother begins to have fainting spells. French film is slow & talky, but benefits from the two stars' presence and some beautiful photography of the French countryside.

T'empêches tout le monde de dormir (1982)
FrenchBoy was written on August 29, 2000

Full display

Auteuil's character, as free and easy guy, seduce a girl to impose on the flet she share with a friend. Because he prevents them from sleeping (cf title), they finally drag himm out the flat. The problem (for him !) is that he's full naked so we have a good glimpse of his average dick and balls.
On the landing, still naked, he rings at the neighbour's door and we see his perfect butt. As the neighbour - an old woman - locks through the judas hole, we have again a few glimpse of Auteuil's dick and balls and then a lenghty view of his dangling cock when the girls try to drag him back to the flat.
Humorous scene with a bit of embarrassment.

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