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2005 A Golpes 2 Reviews

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2003 Aquí no hay quien viva 1 Review

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Aquí no hay quien viva (2003)
Inchantrika was written on May 1, 2012

Locked Out Naked/No nudity.

In the very first episode of this successful TV series, Daniel Guzmán playing the role of Roberto gets accidentally locked out naked of his apartment in only a towel which he loses later on. He spends the rest of the episode trying to return to his apartment avoiding exposure. This could have been an impressive embarrassing nudity scene but unfortunately it's a one star mark because there's no nudity at all and if you use slo-mo and pause it's even worse: In several frames it's clearly visible that the actor is in skinned-colour underwear and even white shoes... Nonsense. For better nudity, Check the same episode in the french version of the series "Faites comme chez vous" with Farouk Bermouga in the same role and enjoy his awesome ass.

A Golpes (2005)
Mortie was written on June 26, 2014

Great nudity from a hot actor.

The underwater scene mentioned in a previous review begins at about 14:15 minutes. Daniel Guzmán's entire body, including an (apparently) very large penis, is clearly seen.

At 17:45 minutes, there is a post-coital scene. When Daniel Guzmán rolls off the bed and get dressed, there is more frontal, with a well-lit view of his pubes and an obscured glimpse of his penis.

Commencing at about 31:00 minutes, Daniel Guzmán has a sexual encounter in his old BMW vehicle. It is implied that he wants (and maybe receives) oral gratification, but nothing of note is seen.

Finally, at about 1:05:10, Daniel Guzmán urinates against a fence in broad daylight; but he remains fully clothed with his back to the camera.

Inchantrika was written on May 4, 2012

Underwater Frontal and Rear

Not long after the beginning of the movie, Daniel swims naked in a pool with another actress. Great views of his penis and ass bouncing underwater as he swims to chase the girl who is also naked, (I don't review actresses but I mention this in case someone watches the movie and wants to add a future review about her). At last Daniel shows his whole body in the buff, something we all wanted to see in "Aquí No Hay Quien Viva" and we couldn't. 4 Stars for him!

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