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Danielle Petty's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2006 Ulli Lommel's Black Dahlia 1 Review
2004 Tomb of the Werewolf 0 Reviews
2004 Teenage Cavegirl 1 Review
2004 Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood 1 Review
2003 Secret Cellar, The 0 Reviews
1995 Seduction of Innocence 1 Review
1994 Surf, Sand and Sex 1 Review

Danielle Petty's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2006 Hotel Erotica Cabo 1 Review
2004 Black Tie Nights 1 Review
2002 Hotel Erotica 2 Reviews

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Hotel Erotica Cabo (2006)
McKinnon was written on July 25, 2011

Various; ep: El Fiero

Danielle, as Kennedy Johnston, has 3 sex scenes in this episode. One she stays in her bra, but the first one, Nick Kalash slowly removes her bikini top, then there are some shots of her standing up as he goes down on her, followed by doggy style, then she's sitting up, playing with herself. The other sex scene is more forgettable, just intertwined with another man on the beach, both sitting. She is also naked at night when she answers a phone, which provides breasts and some dark glimpse of lower nudity. The best scene is the brightly lit, extended full frontal where she wakes up, sees a strange man outside, and then hurriedly puts a sheet on when a hotel employee comes in.

Black Tie Nights (2004)
McKinnon was written on May 17, 2011

Piano love; episode: The Legend

Danielle has one sex scene, that runs for a minute or two, where she's leaning over a piano, being taken from behind by Ron Jeremy. You can see her breasts, although most of her lower half is obscured by the piano bench.

Hotel Erotica (2002)
McKinnon was written on June 13, 2011

Fantasy; bed; Episode: Kat & Mouse

Credited as Kennedy Johnston. Danielle/Kennedy is probably the most naturally beautiful woman I've seen on this show, but the nudity itself is very limited. She has a fantasy set in a barn or stable early in the episode, but most of it is from a distance and foggy - when they get closer it's mostly just some breast shots. At the end of the episode she strips everything for Rafe Urqhuart, breasts and landing in good lighting, but the frontal is very quick and partially obscured by her leg. There is a good shot of her rear as most of this is from the back. Then they get on the bed and there are some topless shots as she rides Rafe.

McKinnon was written on June 14, 2011

Bed; episode: Talking Dirty

Danielle, again credited as Kennedy Johnston, has one scene, with Glen Meadows. She's on her back, topless, as he feigns giving her head. Then she rides him. She's shown a lot more elsewhere I'm sure.

Ulli Lommel's Black Dahlia (2006)
Stevarooni was written on January 25, 2013

Backside backward

At around the 1:08 point, Danielle strips her clothes (leaving on her lingerie). The mirror gives a five-second shot of her butt in a nigh-invisible thong.

Tomb of the Werewolf (2004)
Teenage Cavegirl (2004)
rocco-rules was written on August 4, 2007

boy-girl love scene in a trailer

Danielle and a guy strip each others clothes off in a trailer, while cavegirl Jezebelle Bond secretly watches from under a blanket. Danielle is a gorgeous, fair-skinned brunette with medium sized, natural breasts, small butt, wide hips and great legs. The two go through the normal S/C motions, guy-on-girl oral, girl-on-guy oral, mish and doggie. The camera lingers on Danielle's lovely butt and boobs, including a great straight-on view from the front of the doggie scene, complete with swinging boobs. There are a couple of quick shots of her dark landing strip, pubic patch. There's about 4 minutes of total exposure. The guy's under-sized butt can be seen a couple of times, but it's nothing to write home about. The scene is close to 6 mins., well lit and shot medium to close-up distance.

Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood (2004)
javadude was written on May 21, 2006

Spends at least as much time without clothes as with

Very good, natural-looking body. Medium breasts, nice rear. Pale skin. Face attractive enough. Full nudity, especially in the excellent lesbian scene with Belinda Gavin about 50 minutes in (the single best part of a terrible, terrible move).

Secret Cellar, The (2003)
Seduction of Innocence (1995)
Antman was written on November 28, 1999

Topless twice

This brunette plays Star, one of many strippers inthis move. (15 min) She is topless doing a personal dance for a customer before she is called into the manager's office. (36 min) Topless while sunbathing on a boat with some other people.

Surf, Sand and Sex (1994)
Immy was written on March 12, 2012

Sex on the rocks (0:54)

Nice outdoorsy love scene must've been tough to set up. Nevertheless, Danielle shows the most (nude, with fleeting glimpses of muff) riding a guy atop a high rocky outcrop. 7+ mins and partially repeated during the end credits.

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