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1998 Beloved 8 Reviews

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Beloved (1998)
Mayhem was written on October 16, 1998

rear view

rear view

Alphonse was written on July 27, 2000

butt shot

Danny stands up out of a bath tub and you can see his ass for a few seconds. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

iammedebs was written on February 15, 2009

Bathtub, stands for Oprah!!!! OPRAH!!!!

I love this scene. Its so sensual.
Gorgeous Danny Glover- we finally get to see his beautiful big man cheeks. And they are glistening with water!!
Oprah Winfrey walks in on DG as he's in the bathtub - he can hardly fit into it!!- and when he sees her he stands up very slowly and the water drips from and below his beautiful ebony bubble cheeks. I wished they'd have done a frontal shot, but I guess we can't have it all, lol.
Anyway top marks for it being DG's first (and only- so far) nude scene.

iammedebs was written on February 17, 2009

Great ass scene

If you like Danny Glover- and I sure do- you will like this.
As Oprah comes through the door we hear splashing and Danny G calls through to her and then as she comes through the door Danny is in a small tin bath. I didn't think we would see anything but- wow!- he stands up to greet her, very slowly and deliberately and we see his beautiful bis ebony ass.
What's even better is that he is sitting in water so the water drips from his butt and makes his cheeks glisten.
It's a great shot and stays that way for a few seconds as Oprah walks over to embrace him- all the time his big butt on show, totally naked.
I love DG as an actor and a handsome man and I wish he'd do another nude scene, preferably full frontal, mmmm :-)

mcgeezer was written on August 24, 2004

Oprah enters the room,Glover stands up from tin bath.

Danny Glover is an attractive man.His unexpected nudity livened an otherwise so-so film. His mature black buttocks are on display for a good few seconds as Oprah Winfrey comes in (she gets the front view of him(wonder if his penis was on display for her?))and he rises from the tin bath.

maatspear was written on November 10, 2004

the wastub scene

Glover isn;t the most attractive guy inthe world, but he makes it up in the body department. He shows those beautiful dark bowling ball buns of his when he gets up from a small washtub when Oprah walks upto him. He is dripping wet and those cakes of his just glistens . His butt is dented on the sides and has a life of its own. Nice nudity for a middle aged man.

PRC03 was written on February 8, 2001

His buns after a bath

I know you may think Danny Glover...ugh! But he has better buns than most teens. He is in great shape.

jacobturner was written on April 18, 2007


Danny Glover's nice big bubble butt

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