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year title
1998 Spanish Fly 1 Review
1992 Lana in Love 1 Review
1991 Julia Has Two Lovers 1 Review

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Spanish Fly (1998)
OneMoreReviewer was written on January 18, 2003

Left breast

While getting into bed she (seemingly accidently) reveals her left breast. There was a sex scene but all we saw was her naked back and the side of her right thigh and breast in a mirror reflection. It could have easily been a body double but from the sounds of it she likes to flaunt it (She's written and directed a couple of movies where she appeared nude, including this one). It also sounds like she's appeared more naked in other movies, and ther were plenty of missed opportunities in this, which is a shame because she's pretty fine.

Lana in Love (1992)
duckem was written on August 14, 2000

another topless scene

She has a topless scene near the ned.
Yhis is the second movie she has written
in which she appeared nude in.

Julia Has Two Lovers (1991)
Dave was written on February 24, 1999

A little of everything

Daphna has various casual nude scenes throughout the movie. There's a brief shot of her breasts while changing a shirt, and another fleeting breast shot while taking a bath. Pretty ho-hum until she rises from the bath, and we get a glimpse of full-frontal Daphna! The actual sex scene proves to be not-so-exciting, as we get only a very brief shot of her butt. What makes Daphna's nude scenes so shocking is the fact that she wrote the damn movie herself! Talk about an exhibitionist! If it wasn't for some bad lighting, these scenes would get 4 stars in my book. You gotta love someone who is willing to flaunt it!

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