Pasadena, California, USA

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2006 Boy Culture 1 Review
2006 Another Gay Movie 1 Review

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Boy Culture (2006)
Mattg was written on August 19, 2007

Hot bootie

Darryl is very hot, although not as much as he was in Another Gay Movie, where he showed much more skin than here. But we do get a nice shot of Darryl taking a shower in this movie when X and the younger gay roommate spy on him through the bathroom door. We only see his bubble butt for a second with the water running down over him, but it's hot.

Another Gay Movie (2006)
Mattg was written on August 6, 2006


Darryl is one fine man. It's nice to see a truly hot black man get some decent screen time in a gay flick like this. He plays a fitness instructor/stripper and it seems for the longest time that he may end up hooking up with the hot nerdy Griff character. But in the end (no pun intended), Darryl ends up as one third of a very hot threesome with both Michael Carbonaro (the cute every-gay-man) and James Getzlaff. We see Darryl's unbelievably hot bubble ass as he moves in behind Carbonaro (whose ass we also see) currently getting it up the ass for the first time from Getzlaff - Darryl enters Carbonaro from behind, giving the boy two cocks at once inspiring the perfect line, 'Eat your heart out, Queer As Folk.' Man, what a way to lose it - two hot cocks at once. Of course we don't see the hard cocks or actual penetration, but our imaginations more than suffice. Darryl's hot body is something to behold - let's hope he gives us the full monty one day.

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