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1995 The Monroes 1 Review

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The Monroes (1995)
Christoph was written on July 17, 2000

Trapped naked in public

Pilot for a short-lived ABC TV series finds hunky politician Andrews sneaking out to use the restroom at his office after a naked tryst and not realizing the door has locked behind him. There is a brief buns shot as he steps out. When he tries to return, he cannot get in. He runs to the bathroom and snatches some paper towels to cover himself. He runs to the elevator and presses the button, giving a naked side view. He rides down, at one point sharing the elevator with an obviously amused guy, and gives an obstructed front shot asking the security guard for help. Exposure is actually pretty minimal, but I give 3 stars as side and bare butt exposure is surprising for pre-NYPD Blue TV, Andrews has a pretty hot body and the scene is milked for a nice long time.

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