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David Usher's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2004 Young and Seductive 1 Review
2004 Carnal Confessions 2 Reviews
2002 Erotic Obsessions 1 Review
2002 Deviant Obsession 3 Reviews
2001 Sinful Temptations 1 Review
2000 Naked Thief, The 1 Review
2000 Exotic Time Machine II: Forbidden Encounters, The 1 Review
1999 Hidden Beauties 1 Review
1994 Voyeur, The 1 Review

David Usher's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2000 Lady Chatterley's Stories 2 Reviews
2000 Bedtime Stories-Episode: 1 Review

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Lady Chatterley's Stories (2000)
Ozzie700 was written on October 10, 2001


David is playing Rudy Mann's brother, and, aside from his long, badly maintained dark hair, he has a nice pair of cheeks. They're only seen briefly while Shauna O'Brien is spying on him and another lady.

Ozzie700 was written on July 12, 2003

Side; Episode: Fantasy

In a harem fantasy sequence, David's massive cheeks are seen from a brief side angle.

Bedtime Stories-Episode: (2000)
Derek was written on November 28, 2000

Love making

First off, let's explain the "Bedtime Stories" pattern: 1) A couple sits on the bed with the man directly behind the woman. He strokes her breasts. 2) Next the man gives the woman felatio. 3) Now they have sex with her on top. 4) Now they have sex with him on top. This is how EVERY SINGLE love scene in this series is done with variation only given to the order of the last two components. In this sequence the gorgeous long haired David Usher goes through the routine and we see his lovely bare bum as he thrusts in sex. The angles are rather oblique--as they always are in this series--but better than most. Usher is a beaut to keep you eye out for.

Young and Seductive (2004)
McKinnon was written on January 24, 2012

On top

David seems miscast in the crazy boyfriend role, but still looks good (although he has larger breasts than most of the female cast). About 10 or so minutes in you can see the top of his muscular buns as he's on top of Julian Wells.

Carnal Confessions (2004)
kiiid was written on January 7, 2006

what a hottie

david is rarely dressed in this film. he has several sex scenes that show off the best ass in this business. there is an excellent close-up of it before entering a bath tub. he really likes to show off and grind around. another highlighted scene is when he's wearing sweatpants and he shoves his ass right at the camera. Agreed, one of the most attractive men in the softcore industry.

Tassien was written on March 1, 2004

Sex scenes

David Usher is a very good-looking guy who has a number of sex scenes throughout the movie. In the version I saw, he's naked in all of them, and really likes to grind around, showing off his bare butt. Probably, IMO, one of the best-looking guys working in the soft-core industry.

Erotic Obsessions (2002)
Ozzie700 was written on January 5, 2003

One of his best

David is rarely dressed in his appearances. He has an early sex scene of side nudity which is repeated via a videotape throughout various points in the movie, but his best scene is from 1:01-1:03. He sneaks into Flower's room and surprises her. She strips him all the way down to his bulging black bikini briefs, and soon he is thrusting and gyrating into her, his flawless, massive buns gyrating with a life of their own. One of the most energetic and satisfying performances I've seen in soft-core in quite a while.

Deviant Obsession (2002)
Ozzie700 was written on June 7, 2002

Drunken Rutting

David (he of the unique tan lines) is credited as Sebastien Stone. He has a few minutes as a drunken desk clerk seduced by the heroine for information. There are a few fantastic shots of his muscles wall of ass, both still and thrusting. Best nudity of this cheesorama film, by far. It's about 50 minutes into the movie.

kiiid was written on January 7, 2006

hottest man in the film

three stars because he is only in one scene, but it's a good one. he grinds into brick randall on a bed in numerous positions, all showing off his beautiful, round, muscular ass.

GDH was written on October 12, 2002


Stocky chap shows his tan-lined backside in a sex scene.

Sinful Temptations (2001)
GDH was written on October 27, 2001


In a threesome scene with Gina Ryder and Lisa Throw, we see the very muscular Usher's backside, briefly. Lots of bare hip also. Fans of tanlines will think it's Christmas!

Naked Thief, The (2000)
Ozzie700 was written on May 26, 2002

Couch Trip

David has some of the best-lit nudity of the movie. While having sex on a couch, his muscled ass can be seen from side and full angles. Somewhat distracting is his tan line, in the shape of a thong.

Exotic Time Machine II: Forbidden Encounters, The (2000)
T4R was written on June 24, 2002

Sex, rear

One extended sex scene with Shyra. Lots of sex with various positions. You see plenty of butt, and most of the rest of skin,, but positioning limits the view.

Hidden Beauties (1999)
Ozzie700 was written on February 22, 2003

Two sex scenes; unrated/director's cut version

David plays a servant and wears very appealingly snug trousers throughout the film. At :40 and at 1:01 he has hot sex with Catalina (first in a crypt and later on a lawn), showing his familiar tan lines and muscular rump a few times, never at a great angle though.

Voyeur, The (1994)
celebman02 was written on April 8, 2002

In episode "Timeshare"

In this episode David and the female lead play two people who book the same timeshare at the same time, expecting to have the place to themselves. At the end it turns out the woman has the wrong address. Throughout the episode the two engage in various sexual acts. We get several side views of David during the scenes, and a couple brief rear shots. Scenes are pretty steamy though.

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