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2002 Married People, Single Sex: The Return 1 Review

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Married People, Single Sex: The Return (2002)
Chicago was written on March 27, 2003

3 scenes

Nice first-flick outing for this bulb-nosed girl. At :23:30-:25:25, Dawn is naked, lying back in a garden hot tub alone, breasts seen above the water and with her legs spread. After some pleasuring of herself, she then moves to the side and humps one of the jets…breasts and ass seen in a fairly hot scene but one with less than ideal viewable nudity. At :30-:32:42, Dawn slips out of a dress in front of a guy revealing her breasts…nice natural jiggles and hanging views as she straddles on top of him. He flips her around, kisses her breasts, and doffs her panties revealing her clean-shaven pubis in a clear, well-lit view. He simu-orals her then does her from behind, seated facing and from behind bent over the back of the couch; Dawn delivers good breast, ass and pubis views. At 1:27:40-1:29:30, Dawn and Beverly emotionally connect over talking about problems then the two move to a f/f. After Bev doffs Dawn’s top at 1:27:40, attractive Bev takes off her clothes, kisses and caresses Dawn’s body until she quietly cums in an oversized loveseat…breasts and lower abdomen seen of Dawn in a scene which focuses primarily on Dawn.

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