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Deadly Charades' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Sterling, Lesli Kay 1 Review
Rowe, Kimberly 1 Review
Lovell, Jacqueline 1 Review
Hughes, Julie 1 Review

Deadly Charades' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Grillo, Frank 1 Review
Farrell, Shea 0 Reviews

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Lesli Kay Sterling
scanman was written on July 18, 2002

Two scenes ...... beginning and end of the movie.

I can't believe noone added this famous 'As the world turns' star already. Lesli Kay has a dark nudescene in the beginning of the movie. She plays a role-playing sex game with her hubby. Almost at the end of the movie there's a second sexscene, this time she's cheating on her husband. Very good views on her breasts and a short view on her pubes. Long scene!

Kimberly Rowe
scanman was written on July 18, 2002

One scene..... she's a prostitute.

Kimberly has sex with the male lead.... and tells him she's a present from his wife... Tame scene... bad lighting.

Jacqueline Lovell
scanman was written on July 18, 2002

A dancescene!

Jacqueline's dancescene is pretty hot and shows her full frontal nude.

Julie Hughes
scanman was written on July 18, 2002

About three scenes... a bit tame though

So far, only guys have been added by some people (isn't there another site for male nudity.. please!) so it's about time the actresses are mentioned as well!
Julie Hughes has three nudescenes in this wannabe thriller. All scenes shows her breasts in all of their glory, but not much more. A bit of a disapointment.

Frank Grillo
cody was written on February 25, 1999

Love Scene

Frank Grillo's steamy love scenes with his two female co-stars really heat up the screen. His supple butt is clearly shown and those wonderful abs and chest of his.

Shea Farrell

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