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2000 Queer as Folk 3 Reviews

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Queer as Folk (2000)
Ozzie700 was written on June 24, 2001


Blake feverishly strips (Dean must shave his pubes, no hair when he unzipped) and pounces on Ted for sex. When Ted pushes him away, you can see his bum for a few seconds. It's Dean, so it gets ***.

Ozzie700 was written on June 17, 2001

Oh My God: 6/17/01 episode

6/17, episode 21

Ted (Scott Lowell) is one of the few men on the show who is attractive AND can act. Accordingly, Ted got a boyfriend who is worthy of him in talent and unique beauty, Blake. Blake's a struggling-to-recover addict who Ted let back into his life, because he loves him. And his body probably doesn't hurt.

About 15 minutes in, Blake's trying on clothes for a new job and Ted joins him in the dressing room (a part of the room blocked off only by a transparent sheet, a store for voyeurs apparently). Ted pulls down Blake's pants to give him head, exposing the most PERFECT bubble butt I've ever seen on this show. Ted can't stop running his hands all over those grabbable cheeks, and who can blame him?

About 39 or 40 minutes in, Blake strips for Ted before going to the shower. After seductively taking off his shoes, shirt (dime-sized nipples), and trousers, he licks the fingers on his right hand, running them down his compact, tight little body until he brushes his pubic hair and upper shaft.

Now near the bathroom door, he slips the black jockey shorts off to toss to Ted, giving another glimpse of his cute ass. As he turns around, his prick is seen for a flash of a second. Huge and I think (?) uncut.

Simply amazing. Someone at QAF finally realized schizophrenic editing, fast-motion, and throbbing club beats aren't necessary to display eroticism and pleasure in sexuality.

moviestuff was written on July 27, 2003

ass and brief frontal

hot hot hot

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