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Corinne Malcom
Stevarooni was written on November 7, 2012

Teased until she drops her top

Shortly after the 50-minute point, Corinne does a fashion show, showing a silhouette of her naked body projected onto a sheet. There's some serious side-boob when she comes out from behind the curtain to tease him, seen through the sides of her open shit. Then her nipples are clearly visible through a white shirt. Finally, she drops the shirt. Her breasts are largely covered by her arms, but glimpses can be seen several times. A five-minute mix of teasing and topless nudity. Corinne is an older actress (former nude model), but her implants are large enough to help her acting.

Deborah Loveless
Stevarooni was written on November 7, 2012

The last seductress

Shortly after the 1-hour point, Deborah opens her top and and exposes her perky breasts. While they're obscured by her arms frequently, it's still a nice 20 seconds of nudity, clearly-lit.

K.C. Carr
thedoc was written on June 9, 2001

hostage scene (not her)

She hops on top of this guy and slowly opens up her blouse showing some the biggest and most beautiful boobs on the screen. I think this is her only partially buff scene ever, too bad a fine actress with a great body.

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