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Nikki Lane
Immy was written on November 26, 2008

Nude (0:49)

Aussie cop Bill Hunter is looking for an American GI who's strangling local Melbourne women. He checks out some seedy bars and in one of them Nikki is a featured stripper. We first see her about to remove her bra, then a few seconds later she's nude on stage wearing only a garter belt and stockings. Pretty sexy and it's a great rowdy atmosphere. In addition, earlier in the film there's a scene in a brothel with two or three uncredited actresses both nude and topless.

Kathy Gordon
Immy was written on November 26, 2008

Topless (0:48)

Aussie cop Bill Hunter is prowling the streets at night looking for a US Army soldier who's strangling women. When he shines his car's spotlight on a couple making out near a storefront Kathy is seen kissing a sailor with her blouse around her waist. She covers up and they both scurry away as Bill chuckles to himself. Nice smallish boobs.

Lisa Aldenhoven
Immy was written on November 26, 2008


WWII G.I. Reb Brown is stationed in Melbourne Australia and when he's on leave he goes to town, gets drunk and strangles local women. Lisa is the 2nd victim but the first we see attacked. It happens in an outdoor stairway and after she lays lifeless Reb rips her blouse open exposing her boobs (0:30, mostly the left one and shot from overhead). We see her one last time topless on a slab in the morgue (0:34, sort of in the background.) Nasty stuff.

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