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year title
2002 All I Want 0 Reviews
1997 Six Ways to Sunday 0 Reviews
1994 Tide Is High, The 1 Review
1983 Videodrome 4 Reviews

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All I Want (2002)
Six Ways to Sunday (1997)
Tide Is High, The (1994)
exeye was written on November 1, 2003

Mopping Up

In this, the ORIGINAL version of the video for the song "The Tide Is High", Debbie bends over to mop up some water from the floor, and her entire left breast is exposed, hanging staight down. The video quality is not that great, but it gets three stars because it IS Debbie, and is the only instance I can think of where a superstar, not only exposed herself like this, but allowed the film to remain unburnt. I saw it on the VHS editon of Blondie's Greatest Hits, and the reviews on Amazon say (complainingly) that the DVD version looks like the VHS edition played onto DVD, so it is apparantly on that, also. We need more artists like her, who will allow their original work to be published.

Videodrome (1983)
Ladnermoviebuff3000 was written on October 11, 2012

Surreal art house sadomasochism sex bit with James Woods

New Wave rock icon Deborah Harry has a minor role in David Cronenberg's twisted "Videodrome", a metaphor for society's manipulation through television with the usual repulsive body horror grotesqueries that are the director's trademark. In here Debbie's cast as therapist with a penchant for S&M, early on her and sleazy James Woods engage in some masochistic piercing, the camera gradually pans to her and Woods nude in front of the t.v. screen where he is puncturing Debbie's ear with a needle. This causes her to moan with pleasure as she relishes the ecstasy of being a submissive, then we the audience see the room has morphed into a kind of quasi medieval torture chamber, resplendent with bondage apparel. As you may have surmised Videodrome isn't your typical MPAA sanitized Hollywood production,and this sequence where Debbie is nude is indicative of that, you only really see a side profile shot of her body since James woods is on top, personally I would have prefered to see Harry's bare ass flagellated, not recommended.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on November 5, 2001

Nice breasts, but...

All right, I have to admit it. I had the biggest f'en crush on Debbie Harry. I wait years to see her nude...or topless...only to have it marred by an ear piercing and gratuitous naked James Woods. Okay, so he wasn't really shown that much, but still... Debbie's got a nice pair. I just wish we could have seen more. (And would it have killed her to keep her "Blondie" hair coloring?!)

MisterTeas was written on May 20, 2002

Sexy and creepy kink-o-rama

Her lovely small breasts are on display (with lots of moaning) as James Woods slowly pushes needles through her earlobes. Her face and boobs aren't in the same shot, but it's definitely her. She proves this later when she slips her left breast from her black lace bra (keeping her hand over the nipple) and burns it with her cigarette.

Mr_Bigglesworth was written on April 20, 1999


She has a kinky sex scene with James Woods in which he pierces her ears while doing the deed. We also get a fairly decent look at her rather small breasts.

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