Lyon, France

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Déborah Révy's Sexy Filmography

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2011 Q 2 Reviews

nudity reviews for Déborah Révy member submitted

Q (2011)
xerobe was written on January 8, 2013

real sex, breasts, bush, butt

Top 3:
1) 200 seconds @ 54min

2) 60sec @ 35:19

3) 100sec @ 70:10

watcher000 was written on March 6, 2016


Scene 1 - Deborah takes a guy in toilet who grabs her right boob from the top of her dress and presses it. She takes his hand and puts it over her pussy and he apparently fingers her but not much is visible. Later in the scene, his hand is shown to have grabbed her pussy. There is brief view of her ass before she turns towards the wall and he pushes himself on her. But then nothing much happens.

Scene 2 - She is naked in the kitchen only side view) and a guy is standing with his face towards kitchen platform. She wraps her arms around his chest from behind. Her boobs are pressed on his back. The she grabs his semi erect cock. and rubs it. You can see the skin going up and down. She then gives him fast handjob even as he is asking her to stop. His cock visibly hardens in hr hand. He turns around and kisses her hard and leaves. Her nice boobs are properly visible.

Scene 3 - She enters a room naked. In the dark setting her boobs and pussy are visible. Her ass is clearly shown from behind. A guy is sleeping on the bed. She gets on the bed and grabs his cock and starts giving handjob. There is a nice view of her hanging boobs. He wakes up and she straddles him. She is shown to be putting his cock in her pussy as she gets on top. She puts his both hands on her boobs and he squeezes them hard. She asks him to squeez her boobs hard and fuck her hard. He puts her down and bends her over and enters her from behind. He grabs her hair and starts fucking with hard shots. She asks him to hit her and he proceeds to do that as he fucks her rough. Her boobs bounce as she feels his thrusts in her.

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