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1971 Dirty Harry 3 Reviews

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Dirty Harry (1971)
veghead74 was written on December 22, 2004

Full Frontal

At about 1:10 into the film, Harry is standing on a hillside in view of the Golden Gate Bridge as police remove the body of the kidnap victim. The scene lasts only a few moments, but the woman's breasts and pubic hair are visible as she is removed from underground through a manhole.

ilikedyourshoes was written on May 31, 2003

not bad

OK am I the only 1 who actually saw this movie? 1st off suzanne somers isnt even in this movie, second the girl u are talking about isnt even naked! she has brown hair and is wearing a bathing suit! i think the girl they are talking about is a dead 1 cops dig out of a hole, yes u see her totally naked not that far away. Its not bad she doesnt look like shes dead. In this film u also see a not so slim womans breasts while clint and partner are watching a house in a car. then they are in a hotel room when u see a girl get naked (sort of go rent it). u also see some strippers in another seen. not bad but the ppl who commented on this site are bull shit.

RFA was written on March 2, 2000

Nude dead person

Debralee plays the kidnap victim. She is nude when her dead body is removed from where the kidnapper had buried her. The shots are from quite a distance, but it definitely her. The shots are very erotic, however, unless you have a thing for dead people (to each his own).

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