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Lionel Delplanque

Deep in the Woods' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Courau, Clotilde 3 Reviews
Buquet, Maud 2 Reviews

Deep in the Woods' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Lecoeur, Vincent 2 Reviews

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Clotilde Courau
thedoc was written on October 24, 2001


she is leaving the bathroom to have a little sexual fun with Alexia Stresi(Jean) the deaf mute. As she is entering the bedroom you can see in the mirror a full frontal of her as she is about to get on the bed. She rolls around on the bed and you get some nice additional clips of her breasts.

Icemanfr was written on November 11, 2001

Small tits are beautiful

Clotilde isn't a bombshell with her small tits but what a woman! During all the movie, she wears a mini skirt and shows her breast in an excellent nude scene. She is walking slowly, showing all her naked body and offering it to her girlfriend.

Icemanfr was written on August 12, 2002

beautiful but skinny

The movie is bad but the scene is good. Clotilde is totally naked. She offers her body to her girlfriend. She's skinny with small tits but she's got a great butt, beautifull bush and long legs...A must see for her lovers.

Maud Buquet
thedoc was written on October 24, 2001


she finishes her shower and is getting out and you can clearly see her breasts and pubic hair before the steam. ONly downside of this movie is that there is no full frontal of the deaf girl.

slavedriver was written on June 23, 2004

Full frontal--no ass--coming out of a shower.

I'm really hesitant about giving this full frontal three stars because their is so much thick steam in the room after she's finished her shower that visibility is low. It would get 3 stars even if the visibility was good simply because there is no ass shot to complete the view. I'm not sure I'd want to see her ass though because her thighs are pretty thunderous.

Vincent Lecoeur
Tomek was written on April 4, 2001

Sex scene in the forest.

Vincent is a attractive afir-haired lad with nice buns. Upper part of them are clearly visible when he makes love with his girl-friend "deep in the woods". Cute staff, but the move plot is a little incomprehensible.

Mattg was written on October 23, 2001

Hot buns on hot actor

Very beautiful actor has an "exquisite physique" through his white t-shirt as the host compliments during the dinner scene. With a comment like that, we deserved to see much more of this hottie - but all we get is a brief scene with him having sex with the mute lesbian (why do lesbians in movies always turn around and fuck a guy - because maybe a straight guy wrote and directed this mediocre flick). Great shots of his muscular back and we get to see the top half of his bubble butt. The camera should have panned down more. Better yet, he should have given us some full frontal nudity. But alas, we're denied yet again. Why can't someone make a horror movie where the men do most of the nudity?

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