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1973 Because of the Cats 2 Reviews
1970 Scars of Dracula 1 Review

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Because of the Cats (1973)
Ghostwords was written on December 20, 2012

Home invasion

Ms Lindsay plays a well-to-do woman whose home is invaded by five masked men. In a harrowing two-minute sequence, her husband is forced to watch as she is stripped naked (a knife is used to cut off her bra, then her knickers are pulled down) and then raped. Two guys crawl on top of her, then a third forces her to lie face down so that he can have sex from behind (I disagree with the previous reviewer: it would be very unusual for anal sex to be implied in a 1973 movie). Although there is both front and rear nudity from Ms Lindsay, it's not hardcore (however, there is an indistinct flash of something flesh-coloured as the second guy does his trousers back up). Surprisingly strong for the time.

Incidentally, this was also known as The Rape and features the second screen appearance of Inspector van Der Valk, played on tv by Barry Foster (1972-73, then 1977 and 1991-92), although Bryan Marshall takes the lead role here.

dash77 was written on November 23, 2011

Powerful rape scene

The nudity begins when her bra is cut off during a home scene. Her panties are then pulled down and she is fully nude for the rest of the scene, which lasts about two minutes. She is forced to have vaginal intercourse with two men and anal intercourse with one man. Her husband is forced to watch and taunted. Powerful scene.

Scars of Dracula (1970)
ny was written on August 8, 2005

Brief scene in the beginning of film.

Delia begs her lover not to go and chases him out of bed with a blanket covering her. When she gets up its a brief view of her breast and we see her butt for 2 scenes.

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