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2000 Naked News 2 Reviews

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Naked News (2000)
Ozzie700 was written on September 16, 2001

One in a Million

Derek, 39, joined the team in June. He normally does Entertainment, Health, Science, or Nude Views. His lifeless blonde hair and weathered face don't make him the typical anchor type, but he has a stong intelligence and pithy sense of humor the other two men don't. He's trim, not very muscled; his penis is probably the longest of the three, stretching further and ending in an eye-catching, pronounced hook which swerves toward his right thigh. And he has a cute little ass. He's stripped 3 times so far, which the men normally don't do. The dates are 8/30, 9/1, and 9/8/01. My favorite is the first, because of the sexy unhooking of the cuffs, and the boxers he wore.

Senator was written on September 16, 2001

well... not great... not horrible

he strips, true, but he is crazy-large... jealous you ask? No! He is crooked!... if it weren't for that he would get a four... he is about as handsome as the other guy, but his package is just weird.

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