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Jean-Claude Van Damme
LOVERBOI was written on April 14, 2002


any butt review of van damme's glorious bum, be it a two minute scene or a two second scene, is worth four stars. he is truly one of the actors who must've been smiled upon by the butt deities (scott caan as well), because his ass is so magnificently, largely round and perfect that it brings tears to your eyes. he's in a motel room with this girl and she pulls his towel off and he's standing there with nothing but boots on. wow!!! what i wouldn't give just to give that butt a nice long squeeze and nibble...

Cobain was written on April 11, 2001

Nude in front of a woman

I love Van Damme, but this nudescene isn`t one of his best unless you are a big fan of his ass. You see him naked as he takes of his towel in front of a woman before during sex. It isn`t as sexy as his nudescene in for example "Nowhere to run". And a full frontal wouldnt hurt either. But for a fan worth it. Because Van Damme looks Sexy!

Cute_Ass_Kidd was written on February 8, 2002

Bare Ass!

As Jean Claude wonders innocently around his motel room he is met with company from a trailer trash girl who is persistent in thanking him for his earlier deed. She does so by disrobing, and he responds by doing the same, baring that oh so hot ass of his. The nudity is brief and not up to the standard of Unisol, but a full bodied view of Van Damme naked as nature intended is delivered revealing his butt to be toned and hard. Wouldn't you just love to pinch it?

Slash76 was written on January 17, 2009

Motel scene

The Chick who gets naked in JCVD's motel room is called Carol played by Nikki Bokal, Good Tit shot and dark but viewable bush (shaved) shot.

MarcioGore was written on March 25, 2012

Butt in Motel room

It's always good se Van damme's ass on his movies.This one isn't different,he's wearing only a towel in a motel room,so when a chick knock on his door he takes oof his towel and we can see one more time that beautiful,muscled and hot ass.I LOVE VAN DAMME'S ASS!!!

iowabadboy was written on October 15, 2013

Jean-Claude's perfect buns!

In the hotel room JC and a woman are standing in front of each other with towels on. She drops hers and we get a nice view of her tanned bum. JC then drops his towel and we get a great shot of his perfect very muscular butt. She even looks down to check out his package. Too bad we don't get to see it too :(

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