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1999 Go 5 Reviews

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Go (1999)
tushlover was written on December 4, 2007

His "nude" scene

Don't waste your time. This guy is average looking at best and his "nudity" is carefully covered by various clothes or whatever.

xiii was written on February 11, 2004

rear and side

after escaping a room on fire while he was having sex desmond runs through the corridoor naked, sadly he is holding his clothes in frount of his goods. when he gets in the lift he drops the clothes and you breifly see his very cute little ass

Ryan was written on April 9, 1999

Brief rear scene

A nice looking British actor, with red hair, Desmond plays one of several characters in this crazy, fun, movie. In the film's kinkiest scene he has sex with two women and we see him his face as he climaxes (without ejaculating, Tantric style). The room that he is in then catches on fire and the three of them have to get out of bed. Desmond runs through the hotel naked but covering his private parts with his clothes, they slip a little in the back though providing some partial rear views. Then, as he gets on an elevator he drops them to get dressed and we can briefly see his rear.

mcjw2011 was written on March 11, 2003

Brief rear

Mildly cute British actor briefly shows his flat, uninteresting ass as he runs naked from a hotel room with clothes covering his pubes. Too brief to warrant ** or even a *** star rating.

CantGetEnoughMaleButt was written on January 21, 2003

Tantric Sex meets the Towering Inferno

Askew learns the technique of tantric sex from his buddy on a Las Vegas trip and tries it out with two bridesmaids in a hotel room. Things were hot enough BEFORE the room caught fire, but then he gets up and feels down the hall with a small bundle of clothes protecting his front and rear modesty. As he tries to get an elevator in the lobby, he stands still long enough for us to appreciate the naked profile of his lean, Brit-boy body, particularly the rise and fall along his back-butt-thigh area. Then he runs to the opposite elevator and drops the clothes, revealing a criminally brief view of his butt. He hasn't got much of one, but it's narrow and rock solid looking, almost to the point where i would fear putting anything too close to his buttcrack in case i didn't get it back in one piece! Also, there is very little cleft where his buttcheeks meets his legs, suggesting how hard and smooth and unsquashable it must be to feel. The close ups of his face and chest, glowing with persperation, when he is being ridden also show how handsome he is despite his red hair and exaggerated facial expressions.

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