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2005 Lonely Child 1 Review

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Lonely Child (2005)
Mattg was written on May 19, 2007

Great frontal on young hottie

Dhanaé plays the gay teenage lover of the guy holding the camcorder "filming" this sexy, Dogme-95-style Quebec short-ish film. He is so cute and scrumptious in this movie. The nudity takes place when he's alone in a tent at the cottage with the other young cutie, played by Pierre-Luc Blais. While Blais holds the camcorder and interviews Dhanaé, he gets him to take his clothes off for the camera as a "souvenir" to his boyfriend (it's his boyfriend's camera and they're probably going to break up anyway). He does, showing us first his luscious teenage ass, then finally stripping off completely, giving us a very decent close-up of his cock and naked body. He has very little pubic hair. He's really beautiful so this scene makes the movie worth sitting through.

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