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1984 Second Time Lucky 9 Reviews
1982 Last American Virgin, The 5 Reviews
1982 Amityville II: The Possession 4 Reviews
1969 Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The 0 Reviews

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Second Time Lucky (1984)
icebag2 was written on March 25, 2007

Garden of Eden, Rome, France

On the face of it, this movie is about Adam and Eve trying all over again to get humanity on the path of following Good. What it’s really about is finding creative ways for Diane Franklin to take her shirt off. Lucky us.
In the Garden of Eden scene, from 13-30 minutes, it’s not just the shirt. She’s nude all the time. The instances are too numerous to mention. She has cute B-cup breasts that go right along with her cute face and toothy smile. The one good view of her backside shows off a figure that is sturdy and sporty – the kind that is not only meant to be admired, but put to good use.
The Rome scene is next. She slips her top off one side to show her right breast to Roger Wilson at the 42 minute mark. It’s a breast, that’s about it.
Her best exposure comes at 1h 02:15, when she plays a French nurse in WWI about to be shot for treason. She rips her top open to give the firing squad their choice of targets. She throws her arms back to hold her top open, which throws her chest forward. This pose, along with the defiance on her face, dares you to look. We do. This shot is pretty darn sexy.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on October 31, 2001

Eve back in the Garden of Eden

And there's plenty of bushes, just not hers. The only thing keeping this from a four star review. Diane's wonderful breasts and yummy backside are on display quite frequently during this lengthy sequence. Definitely her best nudity on film.

tazzie was written on March 7, 2000

Adam and eve all over again

Even though Diane doesn't actually show everything,this has to be one of the hottest nude scenes ofall time. She was obviously quite comfortable withthe nudity, and it showed in her acting as sheplayed the innocent Eve in the garden. Great shotsof breast and behind and even a hint of pubes.

Harker was written on October 20, 1999

Great film!

This film has a guy and a girl put into various places throughout time. The first segment is Adam and Eve, and could be an advertisement for nudism. Ms. Franklin is naked, and we see pretty much everything. Not much overt bush, but it's a long segment (maybe 10 minutes) and she shows something for almost all of it. She also has a brief topless scene later as she flashes a firing squad (long story). The Adam and Eve scene is one of my all-time favorite scenes (based in part on a huge teenage crush I had on her) and -well- worth a rental.

Bomber1013 was written on December 7, 2000

Adam and Eve

This movie is kind of silly, and the acting is over the top at times, but the scene in the Garden of Eden make it a must see. Diane Franklin has gorgeous breasts! Fast forward about 13 minutes to the Garden of Eden scene. This scene lasts a little over 15 minutes, and you get ample opportunities to see many different sides of Ms. Franklin. Her breasts are round, with large areolas. You also get several views of her butt and legs, but really nothing from her pubic area. Watching her take her first bite from the apple is sexier than you might imagine though.

StevieW was written on June 3, 2002

Diane Franklin-This is the movie to see her nude in!!

Wow-a nice long 10 minute scene,Diane is almost fully nude quite a bit as Eve,she shows her cute tits and equally cute hiny[seen for the first time on screen],there's a very brief bush shot [she's nice and hairy!!] when she runs through the woods after eating the apple. She's MUCH more appealing in this film than the repellent The Last American Virgin,at least she shows a lot more here,and what she shows is nice! The question is,where is Diane now??

Tiger Flux was written on February 8, 1999


Diane Franklin is a real cutie and this film that was made in New Zealand is a good find. It has the same fun natural attitude to nudity as the Austrailian-made Sirens. The setting is the garden of Eden, fittingly Diane is nude throughout. We see alot of her breasts and her beautiful nude form while overt pussy shots are avoided.

Stevarooni was written on December 11, 2012

Roman temptaton

At around the 41-minute point, Diane plays Roman royalty. She slips down one side of her toga to reveal her breast for about ten seconds. A clear view, good lighting, but it's fairly tame and short compared to the Garden of Eden scene.

Semievolved-Simian was written on May 10, 2002

Eve does it again and again and again.

She starts her role in the best possible way, by being naked for the firsat 10 minutes or so. Lots of nudity.

Of course, that is to be expected considering she is playing the part of Eve. Later in the movie she flashes a firing squad and later asgain wears a nice see through top.

The film ain't much but she makes up for it.

Last American Virgin, The (1982)
soulman was written on July 5, 2003

Tits & Brief Top Of Patch Shot.

It's been quite a number of years since I last saw this movie. I'm glad I came a across it on MAX because Franklin is a real cutie who gives us a couple of decent tit shots in her first scene and a better shot of her tits and a brief shot of her patch as she's getting ready for an abortion. If I remember correctly she has a brief moment in AMITYVILLE II but I hear she has better moment in SECOND TIME LUCKY (which is unfortunatly not in print but I'll be keeping an eye out for it)She's just too cute for words.

cecil was written on May 5, 2006

sex scene; changing clothes

Her sex scene with Steve Antin occurs at about 66 minutes. The lighting's a bit dim, but enough to see clearly. He removes her top over her head, exposing her bare breasts. Then he careses them a couple of times with the back of his hands. More breast shots as she lays on her back. The brief close up scene in the doctor's office, already well described, occurs at about 78 minutes.

Cyclone was written on September 1, 2000

Two nude scenes

First, we see her breasts before and during a sex scene. She looks good, but her best scene is yet to come. A little later, we get a brief but fabulous frontal shot of her boobs and the top of her bush. Both scenes are near the end of the movie, but are worth waiting for.

Antman was written on June 25, 1999

Two nude scenes

The first scene is a fairly close up topless shot while making out in the bleachers. The second is a full frontal scene when she disrobes in the clinic. Both scenes are well into the movie.

erotica was written on June 18, 2000

a few scenes

In the first scene she takes off her top when she is about to have sex. You see her breasts and in another scene you get a quick flash of the pubic area. Diane Franklin is gorgeous.

Amityville II: The Possession (1982)
henrya was written on November 10, 1999

scene in bedroom with brother

Only two stars because the nudity is brief. Her brother is possessed,so he wants to seduce his sister. He talks her into posing, and she buns her hair up(That part is really sexy) then he gets her to take off her shirt. As he lays her down, you can see her tits, but she also has a look like this might be wrong which is sexy.FF to this scene, then rewind.

tabasco was written on February 19, 2007

Camera pans down from beautiful face to beautiful breast.

I rate the nudity, not the actress so one star because you only see one breast. Pretty decent close shot of it though. Diane is a super-fine dark brunette, just scrumptious,in an innocent kind of way. She looks oh so inviting in her nightshirt as she sits on a bed, posing for her brother. Possessed bro tells her to strip and she peels off the nightshirt. You only see her boob when the camera pans down from her face and onto her luscious breast for a few seconds. About 45 minutes into the movie.

schlitz40 was written on September 26, 2003

Interesting Nude Scene

Diane takes her clothes off as her possessed brother is trying to seduce her. Not a bad looking girl.

flurk was written on November 28, 1998

right breast close up

she takes off her nightgown while brother watches.

Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The (1969)

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