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Die Watching's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Nann, Erika 2 Reviews
Mantia, Julianne J. 1 Review
Good, Melanie 4 Reviews
Elaine, Tammy 1 Review
Ashton, Vali 1 Review
Anders, Avalon 1 Review

Die Watching's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Atkins, Christopher 1 Review

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Erika Nann
duckem was written on November 18, 2000

caressing breast

She is caresssing her right breast before Christopher Atkins snuffs her.

relgnarts was written on June 17, 2005

Erica Nann's bagged bimbo scene

While not the strap strainer that her predecessor, Melanie Good is, Erica's portrayal of a bimbo was believeable. The black, short dress could have been painted on and her vacuum pulling lips speak for themselves. Between tweaking her own tit and then trying to breathe through plastic the scene did have a certain merit; nowhere near as good as Melanie's earlier in the film dance.

Julianne J. Mantia
duckem was written on November 18, 2000

nude in bed

Nude in bed with Teammy Elaine and Christopher Atkin's father.

Melanie Good
duckem was written on November 18, 2000

shear white bodysuit

She has the best nuidty in the movie and
right near the beginning. She is doing a
strip tease dance in a shear white bodysuit with a bra underneath that barely holds her bountiful bosom. She somehow takes off the bra
so you can see her breasts underneath. She then tears the front open and finally lets the puppies loose. However Christopher Atkins is a psycho and he ties up to a chair and then snuffs her. I guess peaking at 19 will do that to a guy.
After seeing Melanie's hot dance number there is little else making this movie watchable even with
the other actresses taking off their clothes.

Know-it-all was written on November 18, 2000

A little word of warning...

"Peaking at 19?" Ouch! The truth hurts. I haven't seen this film for a long time, but I clearly recall this scene, because although her body is solid, she has a face like a bag of spiders. You've been warned. 3 stars for the torso, 0 for her head, for an average of 1.5-2.0

relgnarts was written on June 16, 2005

Melanie Good's suffocation scene

As described by Melanie, she was the best part of Die Watching, especially when duct taped to suffocate struggling against her bonds in a chair, her humongous hooters swinging & swaying like twin melons dangling from a forked vine. Having seen her headlamps in other films, we conclude that Melanie had a bit of size wise assistance in this film. However, the manner in which she gazes down at her tits & the close ups of her behemoth bazongas bouncing & bobbing as she struggles to breathe is quite entertaining.

fzoid4454 was written on May 30, 2015

Only thing worth seeing

As described by others, you cann shut off the movie before the opening credits. The jiggle during the struggle makes this one good.

Reignarts can't do basic math, apparently. You can't conclude that she was enhanced in this one, having seen other movies because this one came before the others. She's on the record as having had reduction done. Shame for us.

Tammy Elaine
duckem was written on November 18, 2000

nude in bed

Nude in bed with Julianne Mantia and Christopher Atkin's father. A no-name actess.

Vali Ashton
duckem was written on November 18, 2000

making love

She is making love to Christopher Atkins but you really don't get a good view of her breasts.

Avalon Anders
dougal was written on June 30, 1999

Nude snuff scene

Avalon plays Marie, a nude model who shows up at Christopher Atkins's studio to do a shoot. The shoot is hot, but a little arty (i.e. wierd lighting, occasionally obstructed views)Kind of a bummer ending for Marie though.....

Christopher Atkins
rachwil was written on September 21, 2005

Plenty of scenes where rear is exposed

i loved this movie! Several nude scenes from Atkins.
Making love to Vali Ashton, he rolls around in the bed and we get a nice long view of his buff ass.Also his balls pop out of a blanket(just for a couple of seconds) when he's under her.
Melanie Good gives a strip tease for Chris Atkins who is wearing just a towel.There is a brief struggle and lota of rolling around on the floor,we get great views up his towel when his legs are spread wide apart.Although he is not naked here,but wears black colored briefs...good enough!Amazingly his towel is still tightly bound to his waist even with all this resent.
There are a few more scenes, where his ass is shown and his balls pop out.

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