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Samir Harrag
Mattg was written on February 20, 2010

Butt during skinny dipping scene & shortly afterward

Samir plays Hakim, a farmhand who takes a shining to Victor Carril's twin brother character. I did like how the sexuality of this character was left ambiguous as the boys go for a private romp in the nearby river late at night. We do see shots of Samir's naked bubble butt, as well as Victor Carril's, during the lovely night skinny dipping scene. Later, we get better, but still dark looks at Samir's butt as he stands in behind Victor on land as he kisses Victor's back.

Victor Carril
Mattg was written on February 20, 2010

A little nudity

Perhaps I'm being too generous with my ratings, but both Victor and his twin brother actor Alexandre are so breathtakingly beautiful, I can't help myself, even if the actual nudity is skimpy. We do finally see Victor naked as he and another farm hand run off late at night for some skinny dipping in a river. We see both Victor and Samir Harrag walking naked above the shallow water and splashing each other, but it's dark. It would've been quite revealing had this scene taken place during the day. Later, as morning approaches, we see both boys standing together, their nude bubble butts to the camera, now more clearly seen, as Harrag kisses Victor's back. This shot is witnessed by Victor's twin brother character played by Alexandre, who finds out for the first time his twin brother is gay. I wanted to see way more here, but alas this is all we got.

dvdcollector was written on July 2, 2010

Several nude scenes

Runs off with fellow worker and splashes around naked in the water. It is true that the scene is rather dark and distant, but there are hits of his penis from the side. In addition, there is a scene where they have sex and one can see their buttocks. The best scene, unfortunately, is a cut scene, where we get a close-up pan - including a long butt shot - of his nude body lying down in the morning. This is available on the DVD version of the film.

Alexandre Carril
Mattg was written on February 20, 2010

Brief ass

Real-life twin brother Alexandre plays a gorgeous straight twin in this beautiful, sometimes boring French film. Both twin brothers are beautiful to watch in this otherwise unremarkable story. I found myself fast-forwarding to the nudity, always regrettable in an art film you hope to enjoy. We do see quick shots of Antoine's naked ass and body at night by the campfire as he lies on top of a young woman they picked up earlier. I don't think we see her naked at all. I'll give it to the French: at least they happily show gorgeous young men naked in straight love scenes like this. Later, we see Alexandre bathing naked in a pond while his brother watches him, he has a very hot body as shown in this scene and we do see the top of his ass crack and maybe the top of his pubes. But that is it.

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