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2006 Big Love 1 Review

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Big Love (2006)
Ozzie700 was written on February 28, 2009

Several episodes

Douglas Smith plays Bill's teenage son, Ben. In real life, Douglas is in his early twenties, and is the younger brother of Gregory Smith, who played Ephraim on Everwood (they have very similar nipples). Douglas has a very cute face and smooth, lanky body. In the first season episode "The Baptism", Ben decides to give in to his girlfriend's requests for sex, and there's a brief closeup of his pert backside as he strips off everything including his underwear. In the second season, he's spied on as he's on top of a woman; the sex scene is vigorous, but not much flesh shown. In a third season episode "Come, Ye Saints," Douglas strips naked so he can get changed. Bill's youngest wife, Margene, is wearing nothing but a towel wrapped on her head, and walks into the room. Margene and viewers get a good look at his cute buns, then Margene gets an eyeful of the rest. She's embarrassed and quickly leaves the room, but going by the look on Ben's face, he's much more...excited than embarrassed.

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