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Wells, Julian 2 Reviews
Mundae, Misty 2 Reviews
Larocca, Ruby 1 Review
DellaRocco, Esmerelda 2 Reviews
Davis, Andrea 1 Review

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Julian Wells
rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

Mistress Hyde shows us what she's been hiding

At 00:11:45 Misty attacks Julian, pulling her panties down and eating her pussy. Her face is buried deep between her legs and it doesn't look simulated to me. It's also dark and hard to see, but you can just make out her pubes. Scene lasts about 90 seconds.

At 00:19:45, after injecting herself with a Mistress Hyde aphrodisiac drug, she strips all her clothes off, starting with her top, showing off her B-cups. She's lying on her back facing the camera when she removes her skirt and panties together, raising her legs in the air, giving us an unobstructed view of her shaved p-lips and butt cheeks, and if you look closely enough (or zoom) you can even see her anus (about 2 seconds). Ten seconds later, the horny drug has taken effect and we see Ms. Wells full frontal, looking at herself and masturbating while standing. You can see her boobs and mostly-shaved pussy for 2-5 second bursts, at least 10 times. At 22:17 you can watch her walk away, showing off her firm butt for about 9 seconds before she turns around and shows us a close shot of her nearly bald pussy, with meaty p-lips & large clit, then her lovely breasts for a second or two.

At 00:35:10 Julian's skirt and panties are ripped off by a naked Misty, who then starts eating her. You can see her bush briefly. At 00:36:24 she strips her top off, showing us her boobs again, rubbing them during her orgasms.

See my Misty & Andrea reviews for more Julian scene descriptions !

dwightfy was written on January 4, 2004

best seduction cinema movie in 2 years

Juliane Wells has appeared in other seduction cinema titles (who wants to be an erotic millonare, witchbabe) but this is her best performance. she is the lead character (Dr. Jeckell) & is nude thru- out the movie. The best scene is about 20 mins in. She dinks the potion & stars ripping off her cloths. You see all her & even get a nice close-up of her crotch area. She has 3 good lesibian scenes with Misty Mundae also. I have most of the earlier seduction cinema dvd's. I stopped buying them last year becuase the newer ones just wern't any good, but this one is as good as Erotic Witch 1 & 2, Gladiator Eroticus, & Mistrss Frankenstein. Highly Recomended if you enjoy good girl on girl nudity.

Misty Mundae
rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

Misty's best film for nudity

At 00:10:45, she's sitting on the office floor, wearing purple top and red panties, legs spread, showing off her plump thighs, masturbating herself under the panties. The camera gets up close and personal showing pubic hair peaking out the sides and 4 fingers pushing down and rubbing very hard (for about 3 seconds). This goes on for a full minute.

At 00:23:43, Julian lifts Misty's Catholic girl mini-skirt up showing us her hairy pussy for about 2 seconds, first from medium shot, then a close-up (no p-lips visible). Soon after, Ms Wells slips her hand under the back of the skirt and masturbates Misty from behind (she might be fingering her bung-hole because her hand doesn't go very far up). You can see the bottom of her bountiful butt-cheeks in several one-second exposures. After 15 seconds, she pulls her hands away and licks her fingers clean.... nasty, nasty, nasty, as Rocco would say.

At 00:28:00 Misty begins a strip-tease. You first see her tiny titties, then at 00:29:54 she loses her skirt and shows us her hairy pussy from a low angle, so that we can see the outline of her p-lips for a few seconds. She dances naked for another 90 seconds giving us nice long head-to-toe views of her beautiful body (and booty !). Next, she gets eaten out by Julian, in a standing position. We see her from the waist up, in alternating long, medium and close-up shots, writhing and moaning, until she comes, about 2 minutes later. Soon, Misty is completely naked except for leg warmers and shoes, lying on the floor, orgasming for the next minute. Then she attacks Julian, stripping her skirt and panties off and starts eating her. You can see Misty's beautiful butt in profile at a medium distance for about two minutes. Nice……..

At 1:05:40 Misty strips off her top, showing her itty-bitty titties, in Julian's office and the two of them make out. Soon, Julian's top comes off too, and they commence licking each other's nipples. They play together, topless, for another 3 minutes.

At 1:15:00 Misty & Julian appear at the home of the bad guy, stark naked, except for knee-highs. We see them from behind for several minutes, showing either full butts, or partial buns mixed with the occasional topless-titty bust shot. After 2 minutes a 4-way orgy starts, with Ruby and the guy involved. We see every square inch of the ladies, for long moments, with nipples being licked, pussies rubbed together, and masturbated manually. There are even a couple of close-ups of the 3 girls butts as they tie up the bad guy. I was in butt heaven ! This lasts about 5 minutes.

At 1:23:00, Julian is shot up with more aphrodisiac drug and falls to the floor convulsing, showing us her butt and spread pussy from several delicious angles at medium distance (use pause and single-frame to get a better view). A naked Ruby and Misty hold her down while the drug takes effect. We get another nice low-angle view of Misty's hairy mound and lips, and her butt after she stands up and walks away.

dwightfy was written on January 4, 2004

Good movie for Misty fans

She has mutiple nude scenes in this movie, including some good girl on girl action with Juliane Wells. Seduction Cinema movies in recent years aren'tas explictive with the nudity as the earlier ones, but this one is very satisfying, plus Misty has one of the best butts you'll see.

Ruby Larocca
rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

French maid with a pierced pussy

Ruby plays a maid (with a ring piercing her lower facial lip). At 00:03:17, she has to service her boss. First he drops the top of her uniform, revealing no-sag B-cups topped off with tiny erect nipples, which he tweaks. Then she is made to lie down on a couch and fellate the guy (mostly off camera) from this position. She also is masturbating (not explicitly shown).

At 1:16:180 she appears completely nude, facing the camera, showing off her firm, tight body, including her closely trimmed bush complete with p-lips, pierced with a ring or stud. Then for the next 5 minutes she makes love in an orgy with her boss, Julian and Misty. She’s fully nude for the next 8 minutes, and we see her body from all angles and for a great length of time.

Esmerelda DellaRocco
rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

This should be Ruby LaRocca

She DOES appear in this movie, but she's listed under her more common name "Ruby LaRocca".

dwightfy was written on January 4, 2004

she is not in this movie

she does not appea in this movie

Andrea Davis
rocco-rules was written on February 26, 2005

Hung up by her hands and masturbated

At 00:44:29, Andrea and Misty strip their tops off, with Andrea showing perky AorB-cups and large, long, hard nipples, which they rub together, in close-up and medium distance, for about 30 seconds. She remains topless for another couple of minutes, before she's hung up by her hands, gets her erect nipples licked and bitten by Julian, for about 15 seconds. Then she loses her bottom and Julian masturbates her with her hand. We see her sparsely covered snatch and her butt in close-up for about 10 seconds, while Julian masturbates her from the front and rear simultaneously ! This is about as explicit as you can get without being a porn flick !

At 00:50:30, Julian cuts her down, lays her naked on the floor and then strips her own clothes off. Misty now removes the rest of her clothes (except white knee-highs), and gives us several full frontal views for 5 to 7 seconds, while Julian starts eating out Andrea. Then, for the next few minutes Misty rides atop Andrea to a mutual orgasm, rubbing her pussy on Andrea’s knee. Both ladies show us their beautiful bodies from many angles, close-up and medium distance. Misty’s big butt is given plenty of screen time here, as it should.

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