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Drawn to the Flame's Sexy Actresses

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Welti, Lisa 2 Reviews
Verdu, Jodi 0 Reviews

Drawn to the Flame's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Kesmodel, Steve 2 Reviews
Garrett, Spencer 1 Review
Bartram, Brad 2 Reviews

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Lisa Welti
oldfart was written on January 12, 2000

Lisa with her boy friend, Specer Garrett

Lisa and her boy friend begin kissing, taking their clothes off and having sex in a variety of positions and places, on the couch, on a table, on the stairway. Lisa is attractive, has nice acting ability, and natural no-silicone breasts. The scenes with her boy friend are fun, erotic, and entertaining and beyond the usual range of simulated sex.

oldfart was written on January 12, 2000

Lisa with an old female friend

Lisa and an old female friend, played by Jodi Verdu, are sitting around outside on the front porch reminiscing about the past and having a few shots of tequila. They end up naked in the bathtub talking and caressing each other. The bathroom is lit by a few candles. The caressing leads to kissing and words of endearment which leads to a very romantic sex. The scene ends with them holding each other and talking quietly. I found the scene very nicely done and genuinely erotic. Well beyond the range of the usual sex between women in soft porn film.

Jodi Verdu
Steve Kesmodel
GDH was written on June 27, 2003

Bum but no frontal

With respect to the previous reviewer, although Kesmodel's very nice bottom is on view several times - having sex in a truck, having sex on the kitchen floor, standing naked looking out of the window - he doesn't do a frontal: in the 'crawling up the bed' sequence he's wearing a pouch. But don't let that put you off, because Yowza is right: this bloke has a cracking backside...

yowza was written on September 6, 1999

Two sex scenes

This film has many nude sex scenes; the first one involving Steve shows him nude, from above, as he pumps up and down on his girlfriend with his legs spread apart; nice ass! The second scene shows them undressing each other; at one point, while crawling up on the bed, you can see his balls and penis - not real impressive. The next morning he's shown standing naked (from the back) looking out the window, and is eventually joined by his girlfriend; nice long shot of his fine ass. The actor isn't especially attractive (he's not ugly by any means) and doesn't have much personality (the word 'milquetoast' comes to mind) but he's got a really sexy ass!

Spencer Garrett
GDH was written on June 27, 2003

Side nudity

Garrett, who looks a bit flabby here, provides side nudity in two sex scenes, including quite close views of portions of his buttocks - if he had a firmer body the scenes could have been quite erotic!

Brad Bartram
Derek was written on January 31, 1999

Love scene; embarassment scene

Tall and good looking actor. Has a nice love scene where he shows his ass and a good body. Later, a woman whom he has harrassed gets revenge by getting him in the county, handcuffing him to a post, and then forcing him to remove his pants--all at gunpoint. She then rips his jockey shorts off of him, and then leaves him stranded in this state to humilate him. All in all, a FANTASTIC embarassment scene!

yowza was written on September 6, 1999

Buns in Love Scene

Brad's character has sex with someone else's fiance. She removes his pants, revealing a huge erection inside his underpants. He then turns his back to the camera before he pulls his underpants down enough in front to begin penetration (of course, we see none of this) Then is underpants get pulled down, revealing most of his round, muscular ass. A nice scene, in spite of those pesky underpants. During the humiliatian scene, we really don't get to see much at all.

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