Dream On's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Woods, Connie 0 Reviews
Woods, Barbara Alyn 1 Review
Trickey, Paula 1 Review
Sorenson, Heidi 1 Review
Roe, Karen 1 Review
Renshaw, Jeannine 2 Reviews
Michan, Cherie 4 Reviews
McFadden, Gates 1 Review
McDermott, Colleen 0 Reviews
Marcus, Trula 1 Review
MacDonald, Jennifer 1 Review
Lowery, Carolyn 1 Review
Lentini, Susan 1 Review
Lauren, Honey 0 Reviews
Kozak, Harley Jane 1 Review
Justin, Melissa 1 Review
Imershein, Deirdre 2 Reviews
House, Joey 0 Reviews
Harris, Gail 0 Reviews
Gurwitch, Annabelle 1 Review
Gabrielle, Monique 1 Review
Ferguson, Sandra 1 Review
Farr, La Joy 1 Review
Duff, Denice 0 Reviews
Davila, Azalea 0 Reviews
Craven, Mimi 1 Review
Bell, Catherine 4 Reviews
Ashley, Susan 1 Review
Albert, Laura 1 Review

Dream On's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wilson, Dorien 0 Reviews
Masterson, Sean 0 Reviews
Heidik, Brian 0 Reviews
Benben, Brian 1 Review

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Connie Woods
Barbara Alyn Woods
Cyclone was written on November 23, 2000

In the tub with Martin

By far the best look at her comes when she's in the bathtub with Martin. We see her great breasts several times while they are in the tub, which just happens to be full of milk and cereal. Great looking woman, and a fun scene, too.

Paula Trickey
ettehavevej was written on January 20, 2002

Sitting down in bed

You can clearly see her beautiful breasts for a few seconds. She is sitting in the bed with a blanket covering her from the waist and down. She has nice breasts but the scene is too short.

Heidi Sorenson
Cyclone was written on November 28, 1999

Lots to see, but not for long

The scene is fairly short, since her sex scene gets interrupted when Martin shows up. You do get brief shots of her standing while covering her breasts and bush with her arms and also with a blanket. Some of her butt is also rather visible. There are also a couple of nice completely topless shots before she gets her clothes back on. She has a great rack, but it doesn't get enough exposure here.

Karen Roe
Cyclone was written on December 16, 2000

Bares breasts during "audition"

She surprises Martin by showing up at his apartment, in hopes of landing a role in a porno that he wrote. She reads a couple of lines, and then opens up her shirt, revealing a fine pair of breasts. Not a long scene, but nice while it lasted.

Jeannine Renshaw
Ozzie700 was written on November 1, 2010

Episode: Death Takes a Coffee Break

The second episode of the first season. As already mentioned, first you get a good look at her breasts (natural and moderately sized, a good fit for her body) when she takes off her sweater, then when she and Martin are on the couch, right before he has a heart attack.

Cyclone was written on February 10, 2000

Bare breasts

We get a very nice look at her breasts when she pulls her top over her head in Martin's apartment. Soon after, we see her breast pressed up against him while they're on the couch. Not bad.

Cherie Michan
Cyclone was written on August 25, 2000

Loses top during cards

We get a couple of clear looks at her breasts after she takes off her bra, then she spends much of the rest of the show with her hands covering what they can. She looks good, but not great.

gk was written on April 21, 2001

topless playing poker

after losing all her money in a poker game she offers her top in order to try to win some of it back. she not only loses her shirt but soon loses her bra as well. she spends the rest of the game trying, not to well, to cover her huge breasts with her hands.

Mikey123 was written on June 9, 1999

Topless during strip poker

In this racy HBO series, Cherie had a recurring role as one of Martin's co-workers. In one episode, she plays strip poker and loses, sacrificing her blouse and bra and going topless for a few minutes. Total topless nudity in the HBO version, and Even in the comedy Central version you can make out a nipple. Her hands just aren't big enough to cover her massive breasts.

louiedouie was written on June 21, 2000

strip poker

a great performance of cherie

Gates McFadden
Mikey123 was written on June 7, 1999

Hints of nudity having sex

In one episode of the adult HBO series, Gates plays kind of a nympho who seduces the main character. In one scene, she is seen nude kissing him while they sit on the floor. The guy strategically places his hands so you can't make out the goodies, but you get very brief glipses of portions of her buns and her bare breast (no nipple). As the scene progresses, they have sex, but from then on out she apparently was wearing a flesh-colored bikini (which you can see in a few frames). The sex scene is hot, though, especially for those of us who remember Gates as the prudish Dr. Crusher on Star Trek. She has a pretty intense orgasm.Later, she wears a short robe as she rides her lover while they are on the back of a harley. Her bare thighs and calves are visible as she thrusts up and down having simulated sex. Another hot one, as she doesn't show off her legs all that often in Star Trek.

Colleen McDermott
Trula Marcus
Cyclone was written on September 30, 2000

Two quick shots

We get a decent look at her breasts and a better look at her ass when she's with Eddie Charles. She looked pretty good, but the shots were a little brief.

Jennifer MacDonald
Cyclone was written on November 10, 2000

In bed with Martin

We see her breasts for several seconds after she's had sex with Martin. Good enough looking woman, but an unmemorable scene.

Carolyn Lowery
Cyclone was written on October 13, 2001

Topless scene

Toward the end of one episode, while Martin and Eddie are talking, she strolls into the room topless. We are treated to a few good looks at her nice rack before she gets her bra on. Not bad at all.

Susan Lentini
Cyclone was written on December 31, 2000

Bare breasted at school

Susan plays Jeremy's teacher in one episode, and when Martin goes to speak with her, he imagines her topless a couple of times. Neither glimpse is particularly long, but she does look good.

Honey Lauren
Harley Jane Kozak
aubear was written on July 18, 2000

Back side of breast on sofa

HARLEY JANE KOZAK is one of those rare women who never has to do nudity to be sexy. Strangely, she AIN'T built, she AIN't pretty, and she AIN'T most anything you ever describe a beautiful woman but SHE GETS 100% OUT OF WHAT SHE HAS AND CAME MAKE A MAN FOAM AT THE MOUTH WITHOUT REALLY TRYING. That is just what Brian Benben was doing in this scene as he got an upclose look at the KOZAK boobs and pubes while we had to settle for a view of her back and the side of one breast. That was enough to make me realize two things : 1st, Miss Kozak has much larger breasts than her loose clothing leads you to think; and 2nd, she is one very curvaceous lady. As for me, I continue to watch every movie she is in because you never know one day she may go nude!! Until then, I will continue to "DREAM ON"- pun intended!!!!

Melissa Justin
Cyclone was written on November 10, 2000

At least two topless scenes

There are at least two episodes where Melissa reveals her very nice breasts. In one scene she is standing up, in another she is lying down. Both scenes were well-lit and she looks very good.

Deirdre Imershein
Striker was written on November 12, 1999

Sex with Tupper

Yes! Deirdre is one of the countless babes to warm the bed of Martin Tupper in this classic and much-missed TV series. Good breast exposure.

Kuroneko was written on June 30, 2012

riding Martin cowgirl style

You can tell she has a great body, despite the scene being too dark.

Joey House
Gail Harris
Annabelle Gurwitch
silast was written on June 9, 2000

Jo, the topless prostitute

Martin has been complaining all episode about his noisy new neighbors, an apartment of very active prostitutes. Furious, he burst in and finds Jo (Gurwitch), sitting casually in lingerie bottoms with no top. After a few minutes of ranting at the house Madame (Finola Hughes) Martin turns back to Jo and finds his teenage son, Jeremy shamelessly staring at Jo, still topless.
By design the scene is hilariously funny, and not at all inherently sexy (hince the low Star Rating). But if you're just dying to see Annabelle Gurwitch's breast you won't be disappointed, she looks very good.

Monique Gabrielle
Cyclone was written on July 1, 2000

Topless in doorway

We are treated to a great look at Monique's awesome tits here. She opens the door, we admire her for a few seconds, and she closes it again. Not a long scene, but any look at Monique is worth checking out.

Sandra Ferguson
Cyclone was written on November 23, 2000

Breaks up with Martin during sex

Right at the start of one episode, she's riding Martin and she decides that this is the best time to break up with him. I've considered her to be a gorgeous woman for years, but unfortunately, here we only get a few mediocre looks at her breasts. It could've been MUCH better...

La Joy Farr
Cyclone was written on November 10, 2000

Bare breasted in bed

We can clearly see her breasts while she's in bed with Martin. She looks okay, but the scene is brief and not really noteworthy.

Denice Duff
Azalea Davila
Mimi Craven
Cyclone was written on October 13, 2001

Topless in Martin's Office

Near the end of one episode, she is waiting in Martin's office, ready for sex. We get several short but clear views of her nice breasts, but the scene ends when Martin turns down her offer. Not a bad scene.

Catherine Bell
BrianSLA was written on April 23, 2001

Pre-boob job

It has been many years but she did do a topless open blouse scene. Her breasts didn't look as big as they do now thus I put ' pre-boob job ' - I could be wrong. Maybe 20-30 seconds long.

x-men2 was written on March 23, 2006

She's lying back on the couch, seemingly about to have sex with Martin, and her shirt is unbuttoned, revealing her fabulous breasts. She sits up a little, and starts reading the text on a computer screen, but we still get a few more quick looks

She's lying back on the couch, seemingly about to have sex with Martin, and her shirt is unbuttoned, revealing her fabulous breasts. She sits up a little, and starts reading the text on a computer screen, but we still get a few more quick looks at her very nice tits. Not bad at all.

Cyclone was written on November 10, 2000

On the couch, with breasts exposed

She's lying back on the couch, seemingly about to have sex with Martin, and her shirt is unbuttoned, revealing her fabulous breasts. She sits up a little, and starts reading the text on a computer screen, but we still get a few more quick looks at her very nice tits. Not bad at all.

frusty50 was written on January 18, 2003

best off sandra bullock

in the movie fire on the amazon, she is gorgeous!!!

Susan Ashley
Cyclone was written on October 10, 2001

Brief bare breasts

Early in one episode, she starts to pull off her sweater, but it gets caught. We get a few looks at her breasts before she puts her top back down. She has a pretty face, but was too thin and small-chested for my liking.

Laura Albert
BushLeague was written on August 6, 2003

Leather couch

Kind of dark view of her tits only while laying on a couch with a guy. Definitely not her best angle.

Dorien Wilson
Sean Masterson
Brian Heidik
Brian Benben
Cashew was written on November 10, 2000

Numerous Scenes

I'm a guy so I ain't gonna rate it, but you see his butt at least every other episode.

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