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Jana Taylor
taurus was written on December 15, 2006

Cowgirl sex in dream sequence

The hubby catches her cheating at :42 during a dream sequence in weird red light. She's on top and is seen briefly from the side.

Kate Capshaw
taurus was written on December 15, 2006

Undressing for sex

I haven't seen the European version, but in the version on Showtime at :57 there is a nice peek at her titties from the side in slightly low light (not bad) while standing prior to going horizontal for some sex.

Mikey123 was written on June 24, 1999

Topless in European version

In the European version of the movie, Kate has a brief topless scene on a train making love to Dennis Quaid in their dream sequence. Its Kate's only real topless scene, so its a good catch if you can find it. You can see bare breasts and erect nipples. THE NUDITY IS NOT IN THE AMERICAN VERSION.

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