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2002 Swingers 1 Review

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Swingers (2002)
zax1 was written on June 9, 2001

Naked almost 20 times!

When she wakes up in the first scene of the movie, she sits up on the edge of the bed, revealing her naked body. She goes to the bathtub and gives us a look at her nice butt before she turns around and shows her naked front. When she gets back to bed for a little reading her boyfriend wakes up and starts to touch her. She puts away his hand, but he gets more serious and starts to kiss her between her legs and then she's caught and lies under him while he makes love to her. Drünna's naked almost in every scene of the movie, including her bathing and sleeping naked. Further into the movie after a night at a club she takes off her panties, giving us full frontal and sits on top of her boyfriend and has a
short conversation before they make love. A side view of her body and one from behind showing her butt going back and forth as she rides. He takes her from behind lying on the side and last she lifts her leg over him so we see her nice pubic hair. Later in the movie she change clothes and stands naked in front of a mirror. The camera is behind her and captures her butt and her front is reflecting in the mirror - great! She has a couple of lesbian scenes in the club and also a under-water scene with another girl. At the end of the movie she has sex with her boyfriend in the kitchen. He takes her from behind while she's leaning over the kitchen table. She also rides him and gives us full frontal. Her last nude scene is when she's taking a shower, full frontal. Then she puts on a bathrobe that you can SEE-THROUGH (Not really necessary, right?) Drünna is totally unknown (so unknown that nobody knows her last name) but is a great French erotic-actress and makes some great performances in this great French sex movie!

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