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Scott Lunsford
donby was written on October 4, 2005

Frontal nude, showing Lunsford putting on his skimpy black briefs.

This nude shot follows an Extremely Provocative phone-sex scene that you're sure to remember. The phone sex includes oral sex and masturbation, but none of this is actually shown. Thus, it's a relief to have the scene followed by two frontal shots (by Lunsford & later Ryan Carnes)

In the movie, a straight guy pretends to be gay to be next to the girl of his dreams. But how "straight" is he actually ?

Mattg was written on August 11, 2005

Nicely hung hunk

Scott Lunsford is also a find, incredibly hot and he gives a sweet, subtle performance, and to be honest, he gives the better frontal shot here too.

After the truly hot phone threeway scene wraps up, Scott gives us a very nice, and unrushed frontal shot. He's sitting there on the couch with his shirt unbuttoned and pants down after having come in Ryan Carnes' mouth while having phone sex with the Gwen character. After Ryan's character finishes whacking himself off (with great sound effects, mind you), Scott hands him a towel and gets up from the couch. Though his nudity is slightly obscured by the shirt he's wearing, we do get a clear shot of his naked legs, hips and, of course, his lengthy cock. It nicely hangs over his black undies as he pulls them up, giving us a slightly longer look at his dick. The best part is - he seems completely relaxed and nonchalant about doing the frontal scene. Or at least that's just simply good acting. The truth is - there will be thousands of people coming to this very moment (unless they choose to wait for the Ryan Carnes frontal about 30 seconds later), because it is a generous frontal shot, especially for American standards. Of course, there are many better frontal shots in other more homoerotic, foreign films out there - but there's something wonderfully satisfying about these two shots - two young, hot American actors at the starts of their respective careers having to show it all off for the cameras in a campy gay flick. Scott, for what it's worth, you have a fan in me for life...looking forward to your next sweet performance.

GayMovieBoi was written on April 15, 2005

lots of shirtless, nice full frontal

This is a pretty funny gay-themed flick, with lots of buff shirtless boys acting very sexy. Scott Lunsford is the central character, a straight guy pretending to be gay to get a girl. Lots and lots of scenes of his RIPPED torso (as well as the shirtless Ryan Carnes). In one very hot scene Lunsford's character, Caleb, has phone sex with the girl he's after while her gay roommate, Marc, (who Caleb is pretending to be interested in) gives him a blow job. You can't see the blow job, but Lunsford goes all out in acting out a very intense orgasm - HOT! Afterward, Marc masturbates to his own intense orgasm while Caleb awkwardly watches, then Caleb gets up to leave and you get a nice, long shot of Lunsford's nice, long penis. The whole scene, which is about ten minutes long, is both sexy and funny, and DAMN Scott Lunsford has a great body, including a really nice package.

cythera4 was written on September 22, 2006

big meaty tool

It's true: Scott Lunsford has a glorious dick--thick, heavy, and swinging like a sausage. If it was hard, he could probably jack up a car with it.

hickeyfan was written on June 14, 2013

Putting on his briefs

'Straight' guy has a blow job, while he in on phone. Nothing is shown but when Scott gets up to put on his briefs, his package is visible.

zeekk was written on March 30, 2007

very hot man

he is a really (I mean REEEALLY) handsome guy, you can see him shirtless many times in this movie but the only chance to see more is after the extremely erotic sex-on-the-phone scene (around 50 min): he is standing up and you can watch his cock (medium size, quite nice, probably cut) for about 5 sec while he's putting on black briefs.
it would be ** but because he's so sexy...

howsithanginNC was written on September 20, 2006

Post-oral sex Frontal Exposure

Truly wonderful! To me, Scott Lunsford is a far more attractive man--perhaps because he has a more masculine appearence (less of a "pretty boy"). Regardless, I agree with a previous reviewer that he is fully at ease with showing his package to the world, and such confidence makes it all the more sexy.

Scott has a lot to be proud of-- his cut penis is pretty lengthy, even when flaccid (maybe 4 inches, and of average girth), and has a nice, sizable set of nuts, noticeably larger than Ryan's (which you see a few seconds later).

In the scene in question, after receiving a blowjob from Ryan Carnes' character, Scott cleans himself off, hands the towel to Ryan so he can clean himself off, and stands to pull up his pants & underwear, thus giving you full view of his full package. Then, as he pulls his black bikini briefs up, his soft penis flops over the waistband for a few seconds, jiggling back & forth, as he adjusts his shorts in back. This allows for a rather lengthy view of the penis head. While Ryan's exposure seems to get all the press, it is Scott's that is the true turn-on. Wow! You will bookmark this scene on your DVD and return to it again and again.

The nude scene itself is blatently gratuitous. The movie could have worked and flowed fine without it, but THANK YOU for putting it in!

I do not know why, but this entire scene, from the phone sex/blow job/nudity scene turns me on more than anything I've ever seen in film. Certainly the attractiveness of the actors has something to do with it, but I don't know, it is a scene that is very, very memorable--hauting even. I can't get it out of my head.

Ryan Carnes
Mattg was written on August 11, 2005

Incredibly hot actor

Ryan Carnes is truly a find. So overwhelmingly handsome and hot, he's been called Brad Pitt's younger, brunette brother. Plus he gives a fairly decent performance in this flick as a hot young gay man looking for love and trying to find it in another hot young guy who (unbeknownst to him) happens to be straight. The scene in question - the long three-way phone sex scene, with the two guys doing it while Gwen talks to Lunsford over the phone - is incredibly hot, well-written and a masterpiece of reverse sexism. Fag hags everywhere will cherish this scene where a straight woman literally talks a straight guy into having sex live with another man and enjoying it. It really pushes the boundaries in a way they truly needed to be pushed - getting a straight man to explore, accept and indeed enjoy having sex with another man, simply for the pleasure of the woman he's hot for.

Ryan is basically a piece of meat in this movie - spending most of the time shirtless or wearing tank tops and really tight, flattering jeans. After this three-way scene has pretty much wrapped up, we get the icing on the cake - after Scott Lunsford's hot and longer frontal nude shot - we see Ryan get up off the couch, first giving us a quick, hot side view of his naked body and ass, and as he pulls up his shorts, a nice, quick look at his cock. Together with Lunsford, it makes for an incredibly sexy, homoerotic moment that'll keep you coming for repeated viewings.

Somehow I think that Ryan is going to be a bigger star here than Scott - due to his looks and his acting (he's already shown up on Desperate Housewives) - so his frontal nude scene will be what this movie is truly infamous for, I predict.

Mb114 was written on September 5, 2005

The first

Fun little movie with some great frontals of actors Ryan Carnes and Scott Lunsford. If you buy/rent the dvd (and I do recommend at LEAST renting it)make sure you get the version that has the close-up of the two actors about to kiss. It will also state on the package "WARNING: This feature contains full-frontal nudity". There is another version (some main-stream stores carry) that has the frontal scene edited out.

GayMovieBoi was written on April 16, 2005

lots of shirtless, nice full frontal

This is a fun gay-themed movie with lots of sexy boys running around topless throughout. Ryan Carnes plays Marc, the gay roommate of Gwen (Emily Stiles). Caleb (Scott Lunsford) is a straight guy pretending to be gay in order to get Gwen. In the hottest scene in the movie Marc gives Caleb a blow job while Caleb has phone sex with Gwen. While you don't see the blow job, Lunsford simulates a very hot, intense orgasm. Then Marc masturbates while Caleb sits awkwardly by. Carnes, too, simulates a very intense orgasm, and though you don't see his penis while he masturbates you can hear every lubed-up stroke. Afterward, both Lunsford and Carnes have long frontal nudity shots as they dress - very hot to see Carnes naked with a nice penis and pubes.

hickeyfan was written on June 14, 2013

Full view

He is giving Scott a blow job, and when hes done, he masturbates sitting on the sofa. He then gets up to put on his jeans and his package is visible.

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