Caracas, Venezuela

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2009 Black Waters of Echo's Pond, The 2 Reviews

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Regularly appears with twin sister Electra Avellan.

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Black Waters of Echo's Pond, The (2009)
Ghostwords was written on July 13, 2012

Skinny dip

Plays Erica, whose husband Anton used to date her twin sister. Renee's new boyfriend Josh is jealous and suggests "evening the score" with a swap. When the girls agree, looks like the guys are in luck, but it turns out the guys weren't serious and opt to go midnight skinny dipping instead. Around the 45-minute mark, we get a brief glimpse of both girls walking into the water, full rear nudity (could be body doubles, but they sure look like twin butts). A little later, we see them from above, but their breasts are under the water and it's too dark to see anything.

georgelloyd1 was written on October 22, 2012

Naked? Not convinced

During the scene where the twins go skinnydipping, we only see their backs. The one right of screen is largely in shadow; the one on the left has a light area covering her butt, which may be panties or suntan lines (however, both girls are quite darkly skinned, so I'd argue they're probably both wearing knickers).

On the other hand, we do get a brief glimpse of one of the guys and he jumps into the water. I believe it's Arcadiy Golubovich, who plays Anton. I can't add him here, as I'm only a junior reviewer.

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