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1973 Paperback Hero 3 Reviews
1971 Marriage of a Young Stockbroker, The 1 Review

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Paperback Hero (1973)
Antman was written on October 2, 1999

Nude in the shower

A very nice long fully nude scene in a hockey dressing room shower with Keir Dullea. The scene runs off and on for about 3 minutes and occurs about 35 minutes into the movie.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on November 5, 2001

Everything seen in a long lockerroom shower.

Good looking woman. Nice body with wonderful, if smallish breasts. She leans back, she gets on her knees, stands, stretches and then straddles her man's crotch. We get a nice look at everything for quite some time. Then she slaps him for something he says and he slaps her back much harder. Kills the scene.

AceOfClubs was written on June 12, 2004

Completely Naked In Shower

I remember seeing Elizabeth Ashley on TV in the early 90's when she was much older and thinking she was somewhat hot. So when I first discovered the Bare Facts book, I looked her up and was so pleasantly surprised to see she had indeed done a nude scene....and what a scene!
She's completely nude straddling Keir Dullea in an open concept shower. She has a nice body with a hairy bush and a slightly sagging butt. She shows everything in fantastic lighting and distance for several minutes. Great long scene...sexy nude lady.

Marriage of a Young Stockbroker, The (1971)
beefcake was written on August 25, 2000

on the beach

Elizabeth fixes her bikini top. If you look really really quickly she flashes her left nipple. It is very hard to see. You may have to use slow motion.

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