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year title
2001 Jack the Dog 1 Review
1997 Not of This Earth 1 Review
1997 Girl Gets Moe, The 1 Review
1995 Full Body Massage 2 Reviews

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Jack the Dog (2001)
OneMoreReviewer was written on December 26, 2004

Four short sex scenes and a nipple flash

She certainly is a fantastic looking lady. She has sex with the main guy four times in as many minutes (well the last one, she appears to jerk him off). The first three have no nudity but she looks great bent over a counter or with her legs around his neck. The last one, she's in his car climbs on top of him and plays with her exposed nipple and says "Bite my nipple", then says harder three times. I found it to be quite erotic despite only giving a 2 second partial view of one nipple.

Not of This Earth (1997)
superhero was written on December 27, 2001


Good view of breasts while suntanning. Scene lasts about 10 seconds.

Girl Gets Moe, The (1997)
rbelkin was written on November 17, 2006

Pretty Much Nothing - Adding as the TV Guide Lists "Brief Nudity."

At one point, she gets up in bed (still dark, shadows), sits up and puts on her shirt with her back to the camera. For a few seconds, you see the side of her small floppy right breast - maybe there is a nipple for a frame if ever get an HD version but I don't think so - that is it - though the TV Guide lists 'brief nudity' so if you were enticed, that's all it is ...

Full Body Massage (1995)
BushLeague was written on September 7, 2002

Three nude scenes

Appears full frontal while on knees, but from a long distance. Then lays on stomach to get a massage from a shamman--well lit, long back with nice pert ass and flash of tits. Both little perky breasts are shown darkened while making love. I shown topless, well lit while bathing in a billabong.

tazzie was written on September 11, 1999

flashback scene

Bryan Brown dreams of his lost love Alice (playedby Elizabeth), in which she appears nude. Add thisto Mimi Roger's scenes and you have a great movie.

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