Elizabeth Frances Henstridge
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

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2012 Thompsons, The 1 Review

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Thompsons, The (2012)
Stevarooni was written on February 24, 2013

A little dream fantasy/horror

38 minutes in, Cory Knauf turns over in bed to find Elizabeth. She jumps on top of him, wearing stockings and a white button-up shirt. He takes off the shirt, though they stay pressed together through several gyrations on the bed, with the camera swinging wildly to prevent actually seeing anything. In fact, nothing's visible until she shoves him down on the bed and "fangs out". At that time, there's a fairly clear view of her perky breasts shaking...though just side-boob with no nipple. To add to the concealed nudity, the lighting in this scene is very low, so there's not much to see throughout this sub-minute erotic/horror scene that turns out to be a nightmare of Cory's.

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