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Elizabeth Mitchell's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1998 Gia 15 Reviews

nudity reviews for Elizabeth Mitchell member submitted

Gia (1998)
Omni was written on October 26, 2001

Brief view, but nice

Frankly, this lady is a lot better than Angelina Jolie is in this movie. So to see even a brief view of her isn't something to ignore.
A quick nipple during the photo shoot. Soon after a view of her upper naked body while she's sitting and then lying.

Starduster was written on August 19, 1999

Three moderately erotic nude scenes with Angelina Jolie

It probably takes a certain amount of nerve for an actress to perform a nude scene. It may be even more intimidating if she has to share the scene with an actress as stunning as Jolie. However, Mitchell pulls it off pretty well. (no pun intended)Mitchell is shown topless during a nude photo shoot early in the film, and her boobs are nice enough. Immediately after, they have a girl-girl sex scene with additional toples of both women, but no heavy sexual activity is depicted. Much later, they pair up again in a shower. This is really Mitchell's csene, since we don't see much of Jolie. Mitchell's right breast is visible a couple times and there are several shots of her buns, which I rather enjoyed. I gave her an extra star for nerve.

Sunder was written on March 16, 2002

Brief body shots, not really much here

I am sad to say there really wasn't much of Elizabeth Mitchell nude in this movie other than some side-shot body scenes with Angelina Jolie.
The first is when she strips to appear in a early photo shoot with Angelina, she is naked, but she holds her arms over her breast and over her private parts, she removes them when pressed against the fence with Angelina, but you don't get to see much.
Her 2nd is when she appears in the shower with Angelina farther into the movie, she is naked but both of them are shot from the side, so you see her nice butt and hips, but really nothing else. Lasts for about 5-10 seconds.
Too bad, I really liked Elizabeth in this movie, she is incredibly beautiful and she does have some nice kissing scenes with Angelina (makes me happy to be a guy) but nothing to the scale that Angelina appears nude.
We can only hope for the future. I personally don't think she has a great body, but she is so incredible looking I'm hoping for some more girl on girl kissing scenes. She did it so well.

Texasmovieman was written on October 26, 2006

nice topless scean

this is a good shot of Mrs. Santa Clause in the tim allen movies and in Lost on tv. nice body with hot face she needs to do more nude

cainmarko1019 was written on November 5, 2007

Far away from

This scene becomes more noteworthy considering Elizabeth's more recent work on "Lost", playing Juliet, who is light years away from this very impressive lesbian outing with Angelina. However, an unrated lesbian episode with any one of the other "Lost" women would be legendary.

BuffaloBoy was written on October 13, 2002

A nice appearance

Elizabeth appears nude in a couple of scenes. (This review is for the R-Rated DVD). 0:24:27-0:0:25:03, Angelina is naked behind a fence while a photographer shoots away, while Elizabeth is watching. 0:25:04-0:26:27, Elizabeth joins Angelina in the photo shoot. 0:26:28-0:27:35, Angelina and Elizabeth have a love scene, although it's possible there are some body doubles here. Breasts only for Elizabeth.

Slayr was written on December 9, 2006


Everyone's covered the basics, but I think she's a lot better than given credit for. An incredible woman with an incredible body. Angelina may be playing the model, but Elizabeth is the real beauty here.

dav345 was written on October 16, 2001

not naked, really

You get a brief look at one nipple in the photoshoot scene (her hands are covering the rest of her breast and her other boob, so it is one of the weakest breast scenes you'll ever see), and you see the side of her butt (no crack) in the shower scene. The nudity in this movie is not exciting AT ALL. The other reviewers are getting very excited about NOTHING.

Sexdemonno1 was written on June 4, 2007

Nearly outdoes Jolie!

Her best scene is the shower scene where she shows off her very sexy rounded ass when she is washing Jolie clean.

You get about 10 secs to savour it before it's gone. And it never returns as according to this site she never did anymore nudity. A damn shame!

Good film too.

BushLeague was written on November 2, 2002

Lesbo nudity

Brief nippled cantaloupe hangs out of arms in color before photo shoot. Brief double and single tit shots in black and white during photo shoot. You briefly see her tits in color during a sappho scene in bed with Gia as she kisses her. Other shots appear to be double work. Tits and very large, firm ass during a shower lesbo scene could be a double as her face is obscured by her hair.

DAJohnson was written on July 28, 2008

Love scenes with Angelina Jolie

Elizabeth has no problem getting it out there!

Cyclone was written on June 17, 2000

Breasts during sex

We get a decent look at her breasts while she's in bed with Angelina, but I don't think that the scene showed off her good body well enough. Other moments where she bares a little skin are tame by comparison and hardly worth mentioning.

000 was written on February 16, 2012

Best lesbian sex

Elizabeth is shown sitting and a naked Jolie slowly crawls towards her. She goes to kiss her right knee. Elizabeth assists her by taking off her own shirt. Now she is in just bra and panty. Jolie continues kissing and caressing the thigh as she looks on. Next we see Elizabeth is laying on bed and Jolie is busy in kissing her left palm by holding it in her own hand. Jolie then focuses attention in kissing her fingers. After that, Jolie again goes to kiss her left thigh as Elizabeth fondles her by rubbing her chest.
Now we see Jolie is laying next to her and opens up her bra to expose her breasts. She quickly goes to kiss right between her breasts and fixing her with the bed by holding her right shoulder. Next Jolie strips her panty also and we get to see a bare Elizabeth butt! Joile squeezes it a little and kisses her curve. She rubs her face against the curve in order to feel it. Then Jolie comes to her naked shoulder joint and gives it a tight squeeze. Jolie now puts aside her hair to expose her neck and gives 2 suffocating kisses there. Then she goes to share a kiss inside her mouth. As Elizabeth was closing her eyes she at first could not realize it, but opened her mouth too as soon as she got it! Jolie inserts tongue into her mouth to suffocate her for a great lesbian kiss!
Next Jolie pulls her up from the bed while checking out her bare breasts. She gives a kiss on her shoulder joint, then another at her elbow joint. Next she gives another kiss at her curve and puts her face into her private zone while Elizabeth shares the excitement by pulling Jolie’s hair.
Now it’s Elizabeth’s turn to return Jolie some harassments. At first she goes to kiss Jolie’s neck while Jolie keeps her eyes closed to feel it. Elizabeth gives another kiss to her jaw while holding her chest. Then they share a small lesbian kiss on the lips. Then Jolie again goes to feel her left thigh. After that, she goes to irritate her breasts but Elizabeth blocks it. But Jolie takes it down to her private zone and gives it a nice, soft, gentle squeeze while they two enjoy their 3rd lesbian kiss.
Elizabeth has had enough and now she goes to kiss the shoulder joint of Jolie with her tongue! The scene ends with both of them laying on the bed with Jolie on top of Elizabeth and sharing a lesbian kiss.

000 was written on February 25, 2012

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000 was written on December 25, 2011

cage sexy photo-shoot

The photo session starts with the long haired photographer taking photos of 3 modes with a camera placing on a tripod. The models are wearing high neck sweater and big pullover coat and jeans pant. Jolie is the 1st one standing on the left. The photographer takes some more photos and the other 2 models smile and make sexy facial expression but Angelina only makes sexy facial expression. Then the photographer takes a bottle of wine and drinks a little and asks for a nude photo shoot. The 2 models disagree but Angie agrees for it. The photographer then talks a bit to Jolie and the other 2 models leave. Jolie walks to the cage and looks at her make-up artist, Elizabeth Mitchell. She looks at Jolie astonished. Jolie answers her by rising up her eyebrow.
In the next scene, we see the photo shoot has begun and Angelina is standing completely naked wearing only a black high-heel business shoe and spreading her legs wide open. Instead of just standing naked, Jolie decides to pose for the man who is taking photos of her in a camera held in hand. Jolie poses for the 1st photo with some modesty and she does this by putting her right hand on her private zone. She keeps her hand there and rises up her left hand to show her armpit. For the next photo, she drops her hand down and bend a little forward thus we can see her lumpy tits. There was more photos to be taken, so Angie decides to pose again by covering her private zone by one hand and rising up the other. But this time, the camera angle is from behind, so we see her beautiful back-side and bare buttock. After taking snaps of her naked body, the man goes to picture her face and Angie poses for it by making a wild facial expression. The photographer then decides to take photo of her breasts and Jolie poses for the snap by laughing and making her tits bounce by jumping a bit holding the cage wall. There was plenty of time left, so Angie took photos with the same pose a couple of time. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was looking at Jolie’s naked performance with wonder. She is sitting in a chair crossing her right leg wearing a white striped shirt and a long trouser. She has a make-up box in her hand. Angelina starts to slam her body and back against the cage and Elizabeth begins to feel the enjoyment that Jolie is having. Jolie now takes a break from the photo shoot and looks at Elizabeth. Elizabeth feels uncomfortable at this and she tries to ease her by shrugging her shoulder and smiling.
The photographer calls her and Elizabeth quickly responds to him by standing up from her chair and coming to him. Angelina was posing by placing both her hands around her waist naked and Elizabeth stands beside the man in the same pose but in full cloth. The photo-session is now paused for a while. Elizabeth takes a sneak peek at Angie’s naked body as she has taken away her hands from her crotch. Jolie feels a bit awkward at Her sight and she eases herself by spreading her both hands in a “what?” sign and walking a bit forward. The photographer requests Elizabeth to join the photo shoot and when she is done talking to the man, she again looks at Angie and goes to take off her left ear ring. She looks at the photographer again and he tells her to take her clothes off. Elizabeth looks perplexed and she looks at Jolie for a clue to decide what to do. Jolie answers by giving a sexy look to her. Elizabeth thinks for a bit while taking her ear ring off and then suddenly she decides to join the shoot by looking at Angie, smiling and subsequently unbuttoning her shirt. Angelina bursts out in a laughter to see this and she moves her trunk in a circular motion against the cage.
In the following scene, we see Mitchell has removed her shirt completely, and goes to strip her pant down with a smile. After that, she unhooks her bra from behind and she does it with a smile. Now she has removed her bra and looks a bit at he topless body and then looks at Jolie with a smile on her face. Jolie is moving back and forth wildly against the cage. Now Elizabeth covers her breast with her hand and begins to walk. The photographer starts taking photos again standing behind her back. Next, we can see Elizabeth walking towards the cage coving her breast with one hand and her private zone with the other. Jolie is posing by strategically placing her right leg to hide her pubic area. The photographer now takes photos of both the nude ladies. As Elizabeth reaches the cage, Jolie welcomes her with a smile. This helps Mitchell to break free of her shyness and she takes her hand away from her previous positions and holds the cage with them. She looks at Angie and Angie starts to feel the hand of Mitchell by staring at them . Then Elizabeth looks at her own hands . Jolie tries to make her feel comfortable with nudity by keeping her busy in sharing a kiss with herself. Now Mitchell has started to enjoy herself being naked and as such she begins to make fun by climbing the cage as Jolie starts rotating again. Jolie now climbs up the cage and presses her right breast against it as Elizabeth goes to play with Jolie’s nipple with finger. After that, Jolie plays with Elizabeth’s nipple when she kisses it as Elizabeth is standing still keeping her eyes closed to feel the enjoyment all by herself. Jolie continues playing with Elizabeth by sucking her fingers. Mitchell is still keeping her eyes closed. At the end, both ladies are seen sharing a passionate lesbian kiss while being photographed naked.

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