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year title
2005 Junebug 1 Review
1998 Gingerbread Man, The 6 Reviews
1993 Schindler's List 5 Reviews
1993 Army of Darkness 4 Reviews
1990 Sweet Murder 1 Review

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Junebug (2005)
DCW3 was written on September 14, 2005

Brief breast shot

There's a brief, rather dark shot of one of her erect nipples while she has sex with Alessandro Nivola.

Gingerbread Man, The (1998)
TwatDidYouSayiCuntHairyou was written on November 29, 2002

Full Frontal Letdown

Good-looking actress + Bad Lighting + Proverbial Obscuring Object = Coulda Woulda Shoulda Been A Good Nude Scene.

This is Altman, he gets alot of actresses sans clothes but in this one he must have had a hand down south instead of on the camera, script, actress. He uses bad light and a damn bead curtain to provide atmosphere. It was a dismal failure. Plus all the southern accents sound worse than one of my farts. But if you like Embeth, then pick up the movie. Otherwise, the movie is so bad, I suggest getting that long overdue root canal done.

snowdog was written on September 15, 1999

Full frontal

She has a few nude scenes in this movie, but the best is her angrily stripping while yelling at branagh. she is very obscured by a bead curtain. you get a better view when branagh moves the curtain, but then he gets in the way a little. there are other shots of her naked later, but the camera rarely focuses on her naughty bits.

RichT was written on November 23, 2001

The old fart does it AGAIN !!!

Exactly how DOES Robert Altman manage to get SO many well-known actresses to show their bush ??? Embeth Davidtz is one of those lucky women, who actually gets BETTER with age. About 15 minutes into this film, she "gets her kit off" exactly as described by the previous reviewers. This would normally merit the FULL 4 Stars, as she does show EVERYTHING, but sadly the lighting is poor, AND the bead curtain is a COMPLETE PAIN. If only Mr Altman had switched on the lights, and removed the dated bead curtain. Maybe the scene took him back to the days of his youth, where bead curtains were trendy, and they only had gas or oil for heating and lighting ?!?

slavedriver was written on June 23, 1999

Stripping, after being taken home by the lead actor (twenty minutes into the film)

FINALLY!!! Embeth at last blesses us with a nice full frontal, though it's somewhat distorted bythe curtain that we are seeing her through and it's a little dark, but still effective. This is theonly scene of interest to Embeth fans. She could have had a couple love scenes, but they were cut short before any action could happen. Come on, Embeth, a love scene please!!!!

MrKeithTalent was written on October 3, 1999

full frontal

Its not really a *** full frontal, but it is Embeth....and she's just lovely. She strips off behind a beaded curtain out of her clothes while wailing and crying about something. We see her nice titties and her black triangle. We get a slightly better view as Branagh moves in to open the curtains. That limey gets a good look at our Embeth...the luck dog.

moviestuff was written on July 22, 2003

full frontal

she shows us every thing including her bush :-)
sadly the lighting is terrible there fore it's only three stars

Schindler's List (1993)
dash77 was written on November 2, 2001

shows the full horror of the Holocaust

Nude scenes tend to mirror the movies they are part of. In this case, the nude scene very accurately captures the horror of the Holocaust. We gradually see the increasing humiliations gradually, but inexorably, inflicted upon the Jewish people by the Nazis. We feel their increasing suffering as they are stripped of their privileges, their homes, their friends and family, their freedom and ultimately even the clothes off their back. We can only hope nothing on this scale ever happens again. I agree with the previous posters--there is absolutely nothing arousing about this scene--but I've given it four stars because of how well it conveys the utter inhumanity of the Holocaust.

heyjoewaddayaknow was written on May 4, 2002

actually it's not the best part of the movie

indeed this scene isn't very arousing, and to be honest I didn't even see the beautiful ms. Davidtz that well because it's a dark scene. But there are other good nude scenes in this movie involving other women in Schindler's or Amon Goeth's beds. Don't know what their names are, though.

Sorcerer was written on December 10, 1999

You're Right And You're Wrong

Yes, the scene shouldn't arouse anyone. Perhaps the top review was out of line. But to suggest that the film shouldn't be in the database is missing the point. The CNDb doesn't strictly include those scenes of nudity which are arousing- it includes all scenes of nudity from actors and actresses that have been identified, regardless of context. CRASH isn't going to arouse many people, but its scenes of nudity are listed, because they're there. The Database itself makes no judgements as to whether or not the scenes are arousing, or meant to be. That's for the individual reviewers.For the record, next time I see this film I'll do everything in my power not to notice Ms. Davidtz in this scene.

Tom Dell was written on November 23, 1998

Preparation for her stay at Auschwitz

Full frontal nudity as she removes her clothes to prepare for entrance to the showers. Also rear shot as she walking into the shower.

jq was written on November 24, 1998

Concentration camp scenes

How disgusting that this movie is even in the database! I'm sickened to thinkthat someone was/is turned on by this sort of nudity. Grow up! The humanbody is not erotic in all of its unclothed forms. The nudity in this film existsto portray the utter humiliation and dehumanization suffered by Holocaustvictims. It is in no way erotic or sexy!! What an appalling commentary onAmerican society that any glimpse of a nude human body is fodder fortitillation and examination.

Army of Darkness (1993)
Requiem-for-a-Dream was written on February 10, 2002

Nude deleted scene

If you turn the brightness up you can see her nipples. It's a short scene and a very dark scene. The deleted scene is available on the new versions of Army of Darkness (director's cut).

[email protected] was written on March 6, 2002

Director's cut(96 min.) only--at 0:25, right after she is insulted by Bruce Campbell, he goes after her and kisses her; immediately after, there is a dark scene with her on top of him. Apparently, she is topless, but you can only see the top of

It is not worth a full one star, but it's closer to one than to zero. This is really a bad scene and I'm positive that they edited it out of the Universal release because it was useless to the plot, not because of the nudity.

Harker was written on November 16, 1999

deleted love scene

This love scene is on the director's cut DVD that was just released, restored along with 15 other minutes that Universal cut out of the film before wide release. This 'nude' scene, even with DVD clarity, is pretty worthless. Baywatch has more visible flesh. If someone caps it and 'cheats' with the brightness there may be something here, but otherwise due to the lit-from-behind silhouette quality of the scene, it's impossible ot make anything out besides vague shapes. I understand another restored scene has a topless extra in the background held captive by the titular army of darkness, but I was unable to watch that far into the movie at my friend's house. Anyone else seen the new scene?

slavedriver was written on October 7, 1999

edited love scene

The sci-fi channel version of this film is different from the video release, in that it contains a brief semi-love scene between Embethand the hero backlit by a fireplace. She is naked from the waist up and you can possibly make out her tits as they lie against his chest. The scene fades after a moment of that. It begins after Ash says Give me some sugar, baby or whatever his sexual ctach-phrase was.

Sweet Murder (1990)
duckem was written on August 12, 2000

shower scene

Shower scene but the glass doors are so
fogged up you can't see very much.

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