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Embrace of the Vampire's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Ryan, Shawna 4 Reviews
Milano, Alyssa 74 Reviews
Gold, Glori 2 Reviews
Allen, Sabrina 3 Reviews

Embrace of the Vampire's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Pruett, Harrison 3 Reviews
Kemp, Martin 1 Review

nudity reviews for Embrace of the Vampire member submitted

Shawna Ryan
[email protected] was written on February 19, 2002

At 0:03:30, she and 2 other female vampires feed on Martin Kemp in a forest, near a river.

No bush, but they are gorgeous and you see their large breasts very clearly. The movie has a stupid storyline, bad acting and a moronic ending, but it is one of the sexiest movies ever, if not the sexiest; and there are other girls briefly showing breasts at the first party--around 0:26.

Vikico was written on August 27, 2000

Topless at the beginning of the movie.

Too much silicone to me.

FilmCritic was written on July 14, 2003

Just three pairs of overly-sized enhanced breasts

Unrated version. At 3:51-5:50 and 122:37-40 three topless vampire women (Glori Gold, Shawna Ryan, Sabrina Allen, in order of appearance, although I can’t tell who is who, as I don’t know any of them and the reviewers appear to contradict each other) attack a man, Kemp, who is laying on his back. I don’t find these scenes at all erotic.

baseball31415 was written on November 19, 2001

Scene at beginning of the movie

great action fun to watch lots of nudity

Alyssa Milano
FilmCritic was written on July 14, 2003

Definitely among the very best nude scene ever in ANY movie

Unrated version. Alyssa Milano plays Charlotte, a character that is an innocent virgin, in her best nude scenes of any movie. At 16:03, she takes off her nightgown, giving a side partial view of her left breast (1 second), a side view of her entire left breast (1 second), the upper crack of her butt (1 second), a side view of her left breast (1 second), and a full frontal view of her left breast (1 second) as she turns towards the camera. There isn’t any lower frontal nudity at all in this scene, although she is completely nude. At 21:57-22:01, Kemp rips open her nightgown, while she’s in bed, showing both breasts. At 22:12-20; 22:24-37, her left breast is shown, followed by both breasts (9 seconds), her left breast (2 seconds), and both breasts (5 seconds), before she covers them up and wakes up (there are a lot of back arching during those scenes). At 40:14, as she is laying on her side in bed, her areola appears (4 seconds), as her nightgown slips down a little bit (no nipple). In what’s got to be one of the top one hundred sexual scenes in the movies (I don’t have any idea what the other ninety-nine are), at 50:21-53:19, Sarah (Charlotte Lewis) seduces Charlotte (Milano) into slowly taking her clothes off bit by bit, eventually stripping her shirt entirely off. At one point, Lewis places Milano’s left hand on her left breast and begins kissing her upper chest and then her lips. Because Charlotte (Milano) is innocent, she becomes comes to her senses, becomes embarrassed and leaves. The view of Milano’s nipples are extremely close and last quite a while. There is no lower frontal nudity here, although there may be a tattoo or something visible at 52:51, and at 53:21, you can see her panties as she is getting up. This is the only believable acting in this entire movie, which adds to its sexuality. At 100:01-101:25, Milano is tied to a bed as some guy (is this Harrison Pruett?) and Lewis kiss her body all over – the guy even gently bites the side of her left breast, pulling it and then letting go. At 127:17-34, although there is lower frontal nudity while she is laying down, nothing is visible – perhaps she is shaved or is wearing something skin color over that area to hide that area (otherwise, it should be clearly visible). Because of the seduction scene, this is one of the very few times I would love to give more than four stars.

lacupids was written on January 15, 2007

She is completely a Sex Godess in this movie

ohhh What a beautiful pair of birds with perky brown beaks... her father would have thought of a lovely dove when his wife and him while they were making milano... you got to keep your remote on your finger tip to enjoy this movie... the lighiting and camera has shown her tits like a hot snowy monds... i would like to climb on it... would you like to ... then watch the movie... i want to rate this movie 101% or more than that and i rented this movie because of those birds milano has... steamy cool scenes... dont miss dudes and of course dudettes... enjoy..

Ghostwords was written on September 24, 2005


Without doubt the most erotic scene in the movie, Alyssa's sequence in Charlotte Lewis' studio offers real sexual tension and leaves the viewer begging for more. Worth renting the dvd just for that.

Wyld187 was written on June 23, 2003

Alyssa Milano Getting photographed Nude

It's Not bad in my opinion Could have been or gotten better but is Good.
Charlotte(Alyssa) goes to the photo gallery and ends up being photographed
First with All Clothes Fully On
Second with Shirt A little unbuttoned
Third with Shirt more unbuttoned
Fourth with Shirt a little off
Fifth with Shirt off and Breasts Showing
Sixth the photographer Pulls shirt all the way down and then starts to kiss and rub her and then is stopped by Charlotte(Alyssa)

BushLeague was written on September 13, 2002

Delicious peeks, but no whole enchilada

I was not a big Alyssa fan, but I may be after this movie. Appetizer: brief panties up the night shirt with smooth creamy thighs. Main Course: Brief firm, round, smooth ass and tits while changing in front of boy friend--obscured from legs down and she goes back and forth behind door + rapid cuts away to boy friend. Shows tits, darkened, when in bed with vampire pursuer. Longer shots of tits as gorgeous female photographer slowly strips off her top while doing a shoot--it got a boner out of me. Almost full frontal and bed, tits, legs, possible mohawk pubes, but there is an obscuring black satin sheet. Desert: She lies on a stone bench with her skirt hiked up to her waist with her knees in the air, but legs are all that is shown. Not quite Nicole Eggert, because of lack of overt sexuality, but real close for length and lighting of scenes.

NGSUN was written on October 17, 1999

You see her butt near the beginning!

I can't believe no one's mentioned the early scene in which she is changing! You get not only a pretty clear view of one breast, but there are a couple of shots of her oh-so-perfect butt!

renwhitney00 was written on July 6, 2002

beautiful body and very nice breasts also pretty face

very good nude scene that shows what a beautiful body allyssa has and aa veryb pretty face too match.

MrHogg was written on February 1, 2001

Alyssa being seduced by Charlotte Lewis

When Charlotte Lewis brings the beautiful, sexy innocent Alyssa back to her apartment and begins taking pictures of her, your heart starts to race a bit faster in anticipation (hope?) of what will come next. The unrated version of the movie which I own doesn't disappoint as Charlotte slowly and skillfully begins removing Alyssa's clothing, almost without her realizing what is happening. After Charlotte has Alyssa on the bed with her head tilted back, pouty lips slightly open, head tossed back and her beautiful breasts exposed for all the world to see, your racing heart is on the verge of coming right through your chest. Alas the only disappointment is just when you think that Charlotte will be able to get Alyssa's pants totally off and expose her delectable nether regions, Alyssa stops her. Skillfully and tastefully done, this sensual scene is sure to become a favorite for all of the beautiful Ms. Milano's many adoring fans.

jeffmusic_nj was written on May 14, 2002

Alyssa Milano undressed by Charlotte Lewis

This scene with Alyssa Milano undressing while Charlotte Lewis photographs her is so hot. Then the brief lesbian encounter between make the scene so hot that you want to watch it over and over.

1spyder was written on June 30, 2005

breast shot in apartment with boyfriend watching

She gets out of bed with her boyfriend lying attempting to watch her dress. Nice buns shot as she heads to dress and breasts before covering them.

Gekko was written on August 9, 2000

Allysa gets undressed...surprise, surprise!

Alyssa again looks great in a terrible movie. She looks OK in this one except for a lack of THO(titty hard on). Her rather large nipples would have looked even better hard in the almost-lesbian scene with the smokin' photography slut. I was also dissapointed in her(slut) lack of nudity. Still, Allysa aims to please(and does)with her choir-girl gone bad character.

Vikico was written on August 27, 2000

Breasts by the score and a bit of the bottom.

The bottom only appears in the first nude scene of the glorious Alyssa Milano (I think she has 4 nude scenes in this movie). In all the nude scenes she shows her breasts (lovely). And she shows them honestly: long scenes, well illuminated (mythical among mythical the lesbian scene with Charlotte Lewis), short shots... Alyssa Milano is superb in this movie. Just one thing: her big and beauty red nipples are hardly erect (in spite of they are excited...). Maybe she was a bit nervous in those fantastic scenes. 4 stars. No doubt.

Warlokc was written on March 3, 2002

Almost unbelievable

This is the only film without bush that is worthy of the fourth star. There maybe a whisper or two of below the belt views, but they are mostly just teases. As for the breasts, however, OH. MY. GOD. Have you seen the DVD? You can see individual veins in Alyssa's boobs. You can count the pores on her areolae. The scenes in which she kisses Charlotte Lewis qualify as the most erotic girl-girl stuff I have ever watched.

One point I would add, is that if Alyssa had gone one step further and provided true full frontals, this could easily have been the sexiest mainstream movie of all time. A missed oportunity, but well worth it anyway.

ComputerGeek was written on August 11, 2000

The end of the scene with Alyssa and the women photographer.

The end of the scene with Alyssa's character and the women photographer, which is hot enough in it's self, when Alyssa is getting up off the bed, her shorts move to one side when she spreads her legs, and, if you look closely, you get a very clear picture of heaven. I've had my buddy's over to confirm this, and it's a beautiful shot of her vagina. You gotta love frame by frame.

Jorgiebear was written on May 31, 2001

Alyssa leaves us little to the imagination..

Perhaps not the best career move, but the best thing to happen to us. Alyssa graces us with her perfection in quite a few scenes throughout the movie. Excellent breast shots, and there's even a little lesbian innuendo goin' on in a scene with Charlotte Lewis (Eddie Murphy's girl in the Golden Child).

redraven was written on October 31, 2004

In the tower

Great film for Milano fans. Extensive bare breast shots and one brief scene featuring her lovely end, but I never give four stars to a film without full-frontal scenes. That being said, in the ending scenes in the tower when Milano's boyfriend is laying her out on a slab, I could have sworn I saw a quick glimpse of fur...

KingNothing was written on December 10, 2001

Photographing Perfection.

My favorit scene in this movie has to be the photo shoot with Alyssa Milano. At first shes kind of shy but the photographer loosens her up and her cloths too. Very great shots of Alyssa Milano breasts as well as her being dressed like a catholic school girl and of course the Female to Female kissing make this one of the best scenes in the entire film. The only other scene that comes close is the fantasy dreams of the threesome. If you havent seen this film and havent seen Ms. Milano rent it or buy it.

EpicReviewer was written on June 29, 2002

Toplessness througout

This generally awful movie is made watchable by the frequent baring of flesh by Alyssa Milano. The first nude scene comes early in the movie, while Alyssa is getting dressed. There is a nice view of her ass and the side of her left breast. Later, however, there are several much better scenes. One is during a dream sequence, in which the vampire opens her nightgown, putting Alyssa's breasts on display. This is a long scene and it features Alyssa breathing heavily and moaning as the vampire attempts to seduce her. A later, more inexplicable, scene involves Alyssa spontaneously deciding to pose topless for a female photographer. The scene is again very long, and very well lit, and features Alyssa's breasts from a variety of angles. The final scene of note involves Alyssa being tied to a bed, again with her breasts exposed, while three people fondle and kiss her. It's not as long as the other scenes, but it's probably the most erotic.

Know-it-all was written on October 23, 2000

Doffing the nightgown. (In detail.)

Since the whole reason I originally became a reviewer here, rather than a lurker, was to put my two cents in about Alyssa in general, and this film in particular, I thought I would give a more in-depth review of her scenes. In the first scene, she is in her dorm room w/ her boyfriend Chris. She gets off the bed to go change clothes. She unbuttons her Victorian style nightgown, and asks him to turn around. She turns her back to the camera, and shrugs off the gown. It's a medium distance shot, so we see her from head to mid-calf. She is completely nude. She never turns around, so we don't see her bush, but this is the only time in the film she is totally nude. Even in the last scene, she keeps the sheet over her pubic area. She steps up into the closet and gets a short white blouse. As she puts it on, she leans back to talk to Chris, and we see her lucious left breast. After she puts her arm in the sleeve, she turns back to button the blouse, and we get the view I wrote about in my March entry: her PERFECT, beautiful, bare ass exposed below the edge of the blouse. She talks a little longer, and we see more of her excellent ass in profile. A tremendous scene.

Know-it-all was written on October 23, 2000

The ripped open nightgown scene.

A few minutes after the first scene, she gets in bed, later that night, in the same pretty gown. Martin Kemp's vampire character visits her in what may be real, or just a dream. He has her hypnotized, so she only resists him weakly. He pulls back her bedcovers, and sits on the bed beside her. He grasps the front of her gown and rips it open. She resists him, arching her back, and groaning in an incredibly erotic way. He works his way down her chest, kissing her all the way down. She comes to a certain level of conciousness, and hits him. This breaks the spell, and she "wakes up". The next shot is unbelievably great: utterly gorgeous Alyssa Milano lying on her back, gown open, delicious breasts exposed to the open air, suddenly sitting up. Her beautiful face and delectable breasts fill the screen. The camera is SO close. Her areolas are big, a nice healthy pink, and perfectly round. They look really smooth, as well. She holds the pose for a second, then looks down to see HOW exposed she is. She hurredly, and self-conciously gathers her gown over her bare tits, and lays back down with a worried, but still intrigued and slightly aroused look on her face. Another incredible scene.

scanman was written on June 11, 2001

Alyssa Milano nude in four great scenes!

First scene is when Alyssa is changing clothes and asks her boyfriend to turn around. He does, but we see Alyssa's breasts and butt. There's also a glimpse of her pubic hair. Scene two is a dream sequence where Alyssa is being undresses by Martin Kemp on her bed. A bit dark, but good shots of her breasts. Scene 3 is the best one: Alyssa is being photographed by Charlotte Lewis. Her great breats are visible for about 3 minutes, including very good close-ups. The scene is the best lit scene ever! Finally scene 4: Alyssa in a foursome. Two guys (one of them is Kemp again) and a woman are kissing a feeling Alyssa's naked body on a bed. This scene is very hot and lasts for about 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Enjoy this one, because Alyssa is never going to do this again!

SnoopJay was written on October 25, 2000

Alyssa nude throughout

There was a lot of good nude scenes throughout the movie. The first where she is getting undressed, you get to see her breasts, butt and a brief flash of pubes. The rest of the movie its pretty strictly breasts. There is a good lesbo scene with Charlotte Lewis and the end scene with Martin Kemp and the other vamps. Its pretty good all around and she is very hot!!!

movieguy21 was written on May 25, 2002

Breasts and butt

Pretty good nudity. You see some great close shots of Alyssa's breasts several times duing the movie. Her breasts are small but shapely and her nipples are pink and round. The best look you get at Alyssa is during a changing scene. Here you see her completely naked body from the side. You can see her round butt pretty well and as she puts on her shirt you see another shot of her nipple. Unfortunately this is a brief scene and you don't get a shot of her bush, hence the two star rating.

start22 was written on March 18, 2004

The Kiss on the photo shoot

Not only do you get to see Alyssa Milano naked in this scene, but add on the kiss with another woman and this scene alone is worth the cost of the dvd. Make sure to see the unrated version.

jbone7 was written on November 15, 2001

Overall Performance as there are many choice scenes

Alyssa's sexy and very hot in this whole film.
The scene where she is first visited by the Vampire, as he opens her nightgown and she awakens with it open and very aroused is a scene I never get tired of seeing!!!

reviewer069b was written on July 20, 2002

lesbian scenes

What would i give to be either of the ladies in this performance? one word---anything----The way they touch each other is as erotic as it can get. From the brginning when alyssa is haveing her picture taken to the topless touching ending. Worth everybit of the cost for this movie.

[email protected] was written on February 19, 2002

0:16-she is changing and you see her butt and side of left breast; when she briefly turns to say something, you see all of her left breast. 0:21:30-while she is in bed, sleeping, Martin Kemp unbuttons her nigtie and she wakes up(~30 sec.). 0:49:

This is worth much much more than 4 stars. The whole movie was made with the purpose to make her fans very acquainted with her body. If you haven't seen this movie, what are you waiting for? The first and the third scenes show her tits while she is standing up and the second and fourth while she is laying down. Her ass is only shown in the first one and her bush seems to be somehow visible towards the end(no tits then), but bush lovers shouldn't get overexcited 'cause it might be an illusion. This film contains her best nudity, but you might want to check earlier films, too, because in this one she has enhanced breasts. Do not try to duplicate this movie either from VHS or DVD, because both have Macrovsion copy protection.
P.S. This movie would have been perfect if the blond, bitchy chick--Eliza-- had gotten naked, too. Anyone know a movie where she is nude?

geek77 was written on January 7, 2005

so why isn't charlette lewis listed ?

as stated above, some of the best scenes in the movie involve charlotte lewis, such as the 'photo shoot' sequence and a later dream sequence involving charlotte lewis, the vampire and the boyfriend coming at alissa milano at once.

so i'll say again, why isn't charlotte lewis listed?

schlitz40 was written on October 13, 2001

Had To Throw In My Two Cents - 4 Stars Plus

Not like everyone here hasn't said this already but Alyssa shows off her fine body many times in this movie. She has the most perfect breasts which you see VERY often as well as a really nice sweet behind. If you haven't seen this, definitely rent it. The pics on the internet are a good substitute but you have to see this movie, there are so many great shots of Alyssa (the movie does suck by the way, fast forward to the many nude scenes).

JohnSelf was written on April 20, 2001

Nothing Doing

This is an absolutely woeful film, not just in cinema terms but in nudity terms also. The problem is that it is about a girl who is famously virginal and pure, so any sex scenes are dreams and don't last long. The one good scene is that much referred to already by reviewers where Martin Kemp tears open Alyssa's nightdress and inexpertly ravishes her. However I am not prepared to concede even one star for this scene as it is widely available on the internet to download for free. Don't waste your money buying it.

moviestuff was written on July 30, 2003

brave alyssa

she's one of those brave actresses not afraid to take of her clothes off!!
and in this movie you see why.
most of the move you see her big boobs .
also one scene towards the beginning of the move you see her ass wile getting ready to take a shower.

Know-it-all was written on March 15, 2000

Doffing the gown

NGSUN is EXACTLY right. The scene where she slips out of her nightgown is often overlooked. It's the only scene where we get to see her utterly spectacular ass, and we get the nice view of her left breast when she leans back to talk. There is no doubt that the photography/seduction scene is the top one, (two of the sexiest damn women on this plane of reality giving each other wet, sloopy kisses...), but I have a special place in my heart for the sight of Alyssa standing there, bottomless, her lucious bare ass exposed as she buttons up her blouse.

NudeyDude was written on March 1, 2002

Just great!!!

Wow, what a flick. Not the least bit entertaining plot, but wow Alyssa shows some great flesh. The scenes are very erotic and she looks great. At the begining we get a tease when we see her butt. As the movie progresses we get to see a whole lot more. No full frontal but alot of great long breast shots, and alittle lesbo stuff going on too! gotta rent this one

rily357 was written on July 12, 2002

Alyssa Milano nude scenes

i wish there would have been a full frontal scene. but nevertheless, she has nice implants. and the scenes are fairly long, and close up. especially the photo shoot, so that's a plus.

PURPLE_HEADED_WARROIR was written on June 5, 2000

getting screwed by Mr Vampire

This is just a bleedin deeadly nude scene.. FIrst she starts off with a bloke and a bird feeling her up as she lies on a bed totally starkers. Her lovely tits are jutting up in the air for all to see. Then Mr Vampire pops up from between her legs and starts to pound it into her.. look out for the lucky bastard who gets to have little nibblew on alyssa's titty.

SeenItAll was written on June 22, 2002

Several nude scenes by Alyssa, but the most memorable is the one in which a woman photographer coaxes her into taking off her top for the camera, and then, as if that weren't enough, tries to seduce her.

I can't think of another nude scene by a mainstream actress that delivers the goods as well as this one does. Well-lit and long, lingering camera angles gives us intimate familiarity with Alyssa's upper-body topography.

MIRAJ was written on August 9, 2006

The show

Now I know Who's the Boss

allstar500 was written on October 13, 2002


she has many scenes with her tits and in the beginning you see her ass but that's brief four stars doesn't need a rating in this movie not that scary but like i said it's "sexy!!!"

toocrute was written on March 6, 2001

milano making love to her boyfriend

I don't know what this movie is about, but I do hear alot of good things about Milano. I curious to see if she still has her acting skills.

axl was written on June 3, 2000

who's the boss now???

Damn it..I've been trying to add a few more stars but couldn' fave scene is definately when she is can almost see some slight bush ( i gotta check out the DVD) and you see her ass and tits...she is the most beautiful woman in the none..long live Alyssa

Chaos was written on September 25, 2001

Alyssa Milano naked.

Oh my God, this has to be seen to be believed. Alyssa Milano has probably one of the best bodies you have ever seen! This girl is born to have sex. Believe me after this movie you'll be an Alyssa Milano fan! Get it!

[email protected] was written on September 20, 1998

Lesbian scene between Alyssa and Charlotte Lewis

This was the best scene in the movie. Between Alyssa's innocents and Charlotte's overpowering lustthis scene melts away the darknessand mystery of the rest of the film and adds a twist of real life possibilities to it's storyline.

BOD was written on November 11, 1999

Lots of scenes in the entire movie

Hmmm.........What can I say, it's Alyssa and its good, very good. I just love all her nude movies. She is very pretty and has a very wonderful body. In this movie, you see lots of sexy scenes where you get to see her tits and her butt.

dvddish was written on February 22, 2003

lot's of tits and brief ass

most of this movie she shows us her beautiful tits and in the begining you can see her ass this movie is 1000000000000 stars!!!

Dolfan was written on February 25, 1999

nudity Through out

This movie is a must have for all humans, great tits, many great tit shots, I cant say enough about this performance, buy, rent this movie, why are you still here go see this movie!!!

zerospacedog was written on June 7, 2000

Taking pictures scene.

All I can say is this has got to be the best part of this movie. I've never acually watched the movie, just parts with Alyssa in her undressing state. She has got breasts to die for, as seen in the Taking Pictures scene of the movie. You can even tell the cameraman wanting to zoom in on her breasts at different times, but try as he might he stay focused as the other actress moves in on Alyssa. And the two of them kissing with Alyssa's breasts in view... all I can say is AWESOME!

moviestuff was written on July 26, 2003

i love alyssa

you get to see her boobs through out the movie and in one scene a a brief ass

Gordon was written on January 3, 2000

Almost the whole movie

This is Alyssa's most revealing work to date. She's almost constantly exposing some part of her absolutely gorgeous body, including her incomparable supple breasts and tight butt. Probably the best scene is when she's completely naked and tied to a bed while two guys and a girl examine, touch, and kiss her all over. You get to see all her womanly beauty. Wow!

Cyclone was written on November 29, 1999

Some magnificent topless scenes

It seems like almost everyone has had the pleasure of seeing this movie, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in anyway. Alyssa looks fantastic here, and her breasts are simply breathtaking. Easily the best (and most famous) scene is when she is being photographed. You get to see her tits from several angles, and it includes some close-ups as well, so the scene is simply a wonderful showcase for her breasts. If you somehow missed this film, rent it today!

Admiral was written on October 21, 2000

Threesome scene

What can I say???? This is a GREAT scene. Alyssa Milano, Charlotte Lewis and some guy...The guy is sucking on Alyssa's tits...great!!!! I bought this on VHS several years ago and also bought the DVD recently...this is a classic!!!

Another_Reviewer was written on March 21, 2001

two scenes where she is topless

The first scene with a girl is very erotic. Later scene with three people is just great.

faygo was written on September 1, 1999

Oh. My. God

Alyssa Milano is very sexy women and thankfully she has shown off her amazing body in several films. In this one she shows off her great breasts alot and has a cool lesbian scene. A+++

scantless was written on October 5, 2002


bona fide

MovieVamp was written on February 29, 2000

Alyssa Milano Nude, Need we say more?

Too bad there aren't more stars we could give. This movie would get them. I own a copy of the unrated version which I bought from a friend of mine who owns a video store. I viewed this movie the day it released and immediately went back to the video store demanding he sell it to me. It was not priced to sell, it was full price, around $80 some, still worth it. Alyssa is one of the finest looking women of this generation, and add to that not just a truck load of nudity, but some of the most erotic scenes on film by a mainstream actress, and you have a Celebrity Nude CLASSIC.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on September 23, 2002


absolutley four stars Nude Nude Nude Every guy in america saw this movie and it is not for her acting!

ODUJedi was written on March 10, 2000

Alyssa gets pleasured by 2 lucky guys and a girl in last nude scene

Whoa! Alyssa lies there and her beautiful body is caressed, foldled, kissed, etc. She sounds like she's enjoying it. I MUST get this DVD! She's nude in several other scenes, but this is my fave.

moviestuff was written on July 20, 2003


you see her boobs and her ass excellent!!!!

StevieY was written on July 15, 2000


I loved Allysa Milano on Who's The Boss and am glad she's back on TV as one of the sexy sisters on Charmed. Luckily for us, this gorgeous woman has been nude in several movies.

In Embrace of The Vampire, Allysa is nude in several scenes throughout. She provides some great looks at her bountiful bosom and a brief flash of her cute, firm tush.

The movie itself isn't that great, but well worth it for all the skin Allysa shows. If you can get it on video or DVD, I definitely reccomend it.

uga was written on September 2, 2000

against the grain

I hate to burst your bubble, but if you think Alyssa is as hot as I do then AVOID seeing her bare breasts at all cost. This movie partially ruined my image of her after seeing those droopy misshapen melons. She needs a lift! And while she is still about as gorgeous as it gets IN clothes, the image of her WITHOUT clothes makes masterbation a little tougher.

zerospacedog was written on February 9, 2001

Tied to the bed.

We getting this DVD was well worth it. Especially with the unrated version, which is only about a minute longer, but worth it. Seeing Alyssa getting her tits sucked and gently bitten was enough to give me heart palpatations.
It's too bad they get such sorry actors to be there with her in her naked bliss.
Still, Alyssa has got the best boobs in the biz. I just hope she hasn't seriously stopped ever displaying them on film. That would be an utter trajedy.

superpink13 was written on June 24, 2001

Milano = Amazing

{drool drool} Nice long nude scenes. Best of her movies by far. Skip the boring parts and go straight to the photo shoot. Not only is it long and focuses on her breasts, you have another woman fondling her.

number8 was written on December 12, 1999

You'll like it!!

The movie is not great, but Alyssa is fabulous. Numerous shots or her breast in the movie, and the good thing is that they are exposed into the open instead of hiding in the dark or cover by body parts. She also arches her back a lot of times while nude, which make her breasts stick out. Go see this movie now!!

mckeever was written on March 14, 2003

she is naked and making love

naked and making love

ShadowColonel was written on October 12, 2001

This movie is a must own for Alyssa fans (and who isn't one?)

I'd give more stars if they were available. If just doesn't get much better than this. I don't even know what else to say, it's just that good.

cybordemon was written on January 25, 2003

1.Changing clothes 2. Laying in Bed 3. Photo Shoot 4. Dream Sequence

Suggestion: Make damn sure you get the Unrated Version! it makes a difference.

Alyssa Milano's hottest nudity ever.

Scene 1: Alyssa is changing her dress in the dorm, her big voluptuos breast are clearly visible (from her belly button up). she strips completely naked, however she is only show from behind with a good view of her butt. (1 minute?)

Scene 2: Alyssa is lying on her back in bed, as the vampire comes in her room. somehow her shirt just pops wide open exposing her hugh breast again, and maybe it's the way she breathes, as her stomach muscles contract taking deep breaths making her breast stick further out.(2-3 minutes?)

Scene 3: Milano is in invited to her girlfriens dormroom. She slowly strips her clothes off piece by piece while taking her picture. alyssa lovely big breast are exposed once again, as the girl begins to kiss her. (5 minutes?)

Scene 4: Milano is dreaming. Alyssa is layed on an alter like thing, naked with her breast clearly visible. (30 seconds?)

Only reason i didn't give this 4 rating is because there's no full frontal nudity, but it's highly erotic and will make any guy get a stiff in his pants.

BiBoySTL was written on November 17, 1999

The best of Alyssa!

Embrace of the Vampire is BY FAR Alyssa Milano's most spank-worthy film, with many scenes of those lucious breasts and some kinky lesbian action. Beats Poison Ivy 2 easily!

chris300 was written on October 17, 1999

Dreamlike orgy scene

In this scene you get almost every wet dream of Alyssa satisfied. She is laying nearly helplessly as man and woman both explore her naked body. You even get a small glimpse of a tattoo above her pelvic region. Her ample breasts are licked and fondled and she moans and enjoys every moment of this rather long scene. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who hasnt yet had the pleasure of viewing this film

dvddish was written on January 24, 2003

all of it!!!

in most of the movie you see her boobs and in one scene her ass!. i give it 18000000 stars!

Alphonse was written on January 11, 1999


Alyssa does have a good lesbian scene in this movie. She also bares her breasts quite a few times. They're wonderful, of course, and this movie is definitely worth the watch. Check it out.

kingofdopeness was written on June 18, 1999

Entire Movie

Her breasts are exposed frequently and for lengthy periods of time. She has her breasts kissed by both a man and a woman...AT THE SAME TIME! Buy this movie; guaranteed it will be the best $12.99 you've ever spent. It's easily worth double that amount. Bottom line: Threesomes and lesbian scenes starring Alyssa Milano!

Denoument was written on March 2, 2000

Alyssa's greatest hits!

5 stars for this performance and the most nudity you can find of Alyssa Milano. Anybody who wants to see her naked, rent this.

Adidasman3 was written on August 5, 2000

Alyssas ass

in the movie u get to see alyssas ass. She has many seens with it. its not disapointing at all. Very firm and round. None of her pussy though

soulman was written on October 25, 2002


I purchased the movie on DVD on the strength of the other reviewers. If you've always wanted to see Milano nude then this is the movie for you. You get several great topless shots of her. All of the scenes are of a decent length too (make sure you watch the unrated version). Very nice looking tits although I wish there would've been more ass shots. Not the greatest movie (In fact it's laughably bad), but the nudity is not bad.

jake135 was written on May 11, 2014

threesome scene

This scene is absolutely incredible, starting off with alyssa milano having the cover pulled off her to reveal her busty breasts with thick nipples. We see her there lying helplessly, as the first guy licks her body and teases her from the side as he sensuously bites the side of her breasts next to her nipple then finally pounces on to her nipple, licking it while giving her a seductive look. The other girl enters to get her pieces as the guy is still licking on her body, but the girl starts licking her all over. As she drives straight in for as they have a nice few kisses, then they slide there fingers near her vagina as we see her moan feeling the passion. As shes lying back, they both continue as the girl goes in to lick alyssa's sweaty armpit as she enjoys it they both lick on her nipples till the guy comes in t and thrusts forward.

Glori Gold
FilmCritic was written on July 14, 2003

Just three pairs of overly-sized enhanced breasts

Unrated version. At 3:51-5:50 and 122:37-40 three topless vampire women (Glori Gold, Shawna Ryan, Sabrina Allen, in order of appearance, although I can’t tell who is who, as I don’t know any of them and the reviewers appear to contradict each other) attack a man, Kemp, who is laying on his back. I don’t find these scenes at all erotic.

[email protected] was written on February 18, 2002

At 0:03:30, she and 2 other female vampires feed on Martin Kemp in a forest, near a river.

No bush, but they are gorgeous and you see their large breasts very clearly. I don't know for sure if this is her, but one of the 3--the one who sits on the right side and close to Mr. Kemp's head--looks a little like Eliza Dushku(from "Buffy"-the series and "Bring it on").

Sabrina Allen
Bruinsfan was written on June 25, 2001


Sabrina Allen is known to most as Stacy Moran. She was a penthouse pet and nude model. She is the redhead in the first scene of this movie with nudity. She is just shown topless as I rememer its been awhile.

[email protected] was written on February 18, 2002

At 0:03:30, she and 2 other female vampires feed on Martin Kemp in a forest, near a river.

No bush, but they are gorgeous and you see their large breasts very clearly. They don't show up again, so this is it.

FilmCritic was written on July 14, 2003

Just three pairs of overly-sized enhanced breasts

Unrated version. At 3:51-5:50 and 122:37-40 three topless vampire women (Glori Gold, Shawna Ryan, Sabrina Allen, in order of appearance, although I can’t tell who is who, as I don’t know any of them and the reviewers appear to contradict each other) attack a man, Kemp, who is laying on his back. I don’t find these scenes at all erotic.

Harrison Pruett
BiBoySTL was written on November 17, 1999

Brief beautiful buns

Now, this dude here is a BIG TIME hottie, but the only thing we see of him comes during a dream sequence when Charlotte Lewis, he, and Martin Kemp are messing with that sexy Alyssa! You can see a distant view of his ass, very disappointing.

Buns Eye was written on May 3, 1999


I've always found Harrison Pruett to be a TOTAL HUNK. Even though it's mostly a side view, you can't help but see that he has a body worth a lot more exposure. The amount of exposure makes it worth *. It's that hot bod that makes it worth **.

nissepisse was written on April 2, 2004


very good

Martin Kemp
GDH was written on November 3, 1999

Four in a bed fun!

Kemp himself appears only briefly in this scene, but the lead-up - a girl lies on a bed whilst being ministered to by a beefy young buck and an attractive woman - is quite nice! When the slender Kemp appears to straddle the girl we get a few seconds' worth of bum - including some nice buttock flexing - and that's it.

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