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Embrace the Darkness' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

McDermott, Colleen 1 Review
Ludlow, Jennifer 1 Review
High, Angelina 1 Review
Clark, Madison 3 Reviews

Embrace the Darkness' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Spirtas, Kevin 4 Reviews
Bartram, Brad 2 Reviews

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Colleen McDermott
Chicago was written on September 27, 2001

1 scene at end

Colleen, who plays Madison's best friend, is the only female who remains clothed the entire movie...that is until the very end when she is blindfolded and is served up by Angelina for Madison to explore her hunger. At 1:34.-1:36, Colleen is on a table as her breasts are revealed as the veiled clothes are moved away. Several good views of her small breasts and smaller areola. Hard to believe but she's actually smaller than Madison!

Jennifer Ludlow
Chicago was written on September 27, 2001

1 long scene, 1 short scene

Jennifer is a large chested blonde who is offered up by Angelina to Kevin as a gift. At first he spurns it, which gets Angelina all the more determined to arouse him. She starts to undress her top as Jennifer does the same to Angelina and they stand/dance/caress each other which makes the guy come to her and kiss her. The scene turns out to be a pretty hot f/f/m and f/m mixed scene where both girls are shown well--breasts and clean shaven pubes on Jen--as the guy thrusts away on her...and then Angelina "finishes" (orals her) after Kevin turns vampire-y and pulls away leaving Jen unfulfilled. The scene is at :32-:35.5 At :40.75, there's a brief medium distance shot of Jen's breasts for ~10 sec.

Angelina High
Chicago was written on September 27, 2001

Smokin' good scenes - 7 of them

Forget the verbal actiing ability (mediocre even for a B-film) and her freakish hair & looks (what do you want...she's a vampire!). Even for a gal with implants, she's hot in this, particularly her erect nipples. Nearly every scene is well worth watching more than once: :01-:04, :12.5-:12.75 (short scene but great close-up of a tatoo right above her breast/nip!), :13.5-:15 (sex with Jason), :27-:29 (Kevin ravages her breasts and gives it doggie, pubis too), :32-:35.5 (hot f/f/m w/ Jennifer, Kevin, great nip shot while hanging over Jen), 1:09-1:09.25 (hot f/f w/ Madison, but relatively little nudity from Angelina), 1:19.75-1:21 (all seen but no lips, guy dives for breasts several times). I give this a 4* for the hot scenes and view of her bod, but I would have liked to have seen more shots of her pubis to go there with full confidence. Still, she's got a pretty hot body.

Madison Clark
Know-it-all was written on April 15, 2001

Very, very tasty...

Madison is actually the little brunette who is the main star of this film. She plays "Jennifer". She has brown hair and eyes, and a wonderful, petite body. Her other IMDB credits include two where she's listed as a dancer, which is what she plays here. She has the classic dancer's body: lithe and flexible. Facially, she reminds me of a younger Susan Lucci. She has six solid nude scenes. The first occurs 18 minutes into the film. She's rehearsing in her apartment, while she's observed by the vampire "Galen". She has a series of veils around her waist, and panties. She dances (rather well) around and shows her breasts in the process. She eventually makes her way to the floor, where she begins to writhe around, then she slips her hand into her panties and starts to masturbate. A lot of excellent back-arching and realistic moaning. Good views of her breasts. Later, at the 38 minute mark, she and her dweeby ex-boyfriend have "just-for-old-times-sake" sex at her apartment. She strips down to black panties, then reclines on the bed. He kisses her for a while, then slides the panties off and goes down on her. This is shot from above her head, downward along her body. We get 2 pretty solid glimpses of her dark bush, very nice. She eventually turns the tables and gets on top and rides him for a little while. Again, solid looks at her pert little breasts. Eleven minutes later, at the :49 minutes-in mark, she emerges from the shower wearing a robe. The dweeby boyfriend is still hanging around, and having been urged by Galen to "seize the moment", she pretty well attacks him. She backs him up on the kitchen table and starts tearing at his pants. When she gets in, she backs up and doffs the robe. This is our best look at her full frontal. She has a really wonderful little body. One camera pan up and down her from behind is especially noteworthy for the spectacular look it gives us at her tight, ripe little ass. After going down on the guy, he puts her on the table and they have passionate, pounding sex. Good stuff. At the one hour, seven minute mark, Galen's vampire companion "Miranda" completes her seduction of Jennifer by making out with her up against a chain link fence behind a night club. She kisses and caresses her, exposing her breasts (again, several loving pans up and down her torso), as she buries her head in her crotch. At the 1 hour, 25 minute mark, we get to see Jennifer's one-woman show, the highlight of which is her stripping down to a black thong. Once again, many long looks at her pert breast, and tight butt (in the thong.) This scene is very well-lit. Finally, at the 1:14 mark, Jennifer and Galen have sex. He stands behind her and takes off her robe (very erotic), and she has only panties on underneath. Their lovemaking is slow and sweet. After her performs oral sex on her (a pretty solid look at her bush), she bends back from him at the waist and supports herself on her hands behind her as they have standard sex. This shows off her impressive flexibility and strenght. It also shows her breasts for an extended period of time. She is a truly adorable girl, easily worth a viewing all by herself.

Chicago was written on September 27, 2001

9 scenes

Know-it-all does a great job of describing Madison's body and scenes, but I'll sum the times and add a couple he missed.
:18.25-:21; :38.25-:40.25; :49-:50.75; 1:00.25 - she practices her dance scene and there's a 25 sec. brief viewing of her breasts; 1:07.25-1:08.5; 1:08.75-1:09.25 - the f/f scene that started outside on the chain link fence resumes (breasts); 1:12.5 - 30 sec. practice dance scene where her robe comes off and you see her breasts briefly; 1:13.5-1:16.5; 1:25.25-1:26.5.

dougal was written on July 19, 1999

Various Scenes

I do not know who this actress is, or why she has not done other films yet, but we all should hope she soon will!She plays a female vampire in this soft-core film, and has very satisfying nude scenes throughout. She has sexy short platinum blonde hair and a phenomenal body.

Kevin Spirtas
rachwil was written on September 16, 2005

great ass

we get to see his butt a couple of times

bmg was written on December 25, 1999

Lots of buns

Perhaps I saw a director's cut or something, but the previous review has underestimated the amount of nude screen time the sexy Kevin has. There is a sex scene in which we see lots of his butt from several angles. We also get a very good view as he gets off of a woman on the couch nude.

BiBoySTL was written on November 3, 1999

In this vampire film, I believe we can see his ass once, maybe...

Cute, but SHY guy... who shows nothing here!

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



Brad Bartram
bmg was written on December 25, 1999

Rear and balls during sex scene

He's going at it and we see his nice butt, which he sticks up into the air towards us, during which we can also see his package from between his legs. You can also see his balls while he's lying on the bed with the woman sitting on top of him.

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



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