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Vega, Mark 1 Review
Pape, Danny 1 Review
Milano, Carlos 1 Review
Bartram, Brad 1 Review

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Mark Vega
GDH was written on March 15, 2005


Vega plays a mechanic who has sex with a client in the back of her truck. We see his backside a couple of times during the scene. This is a good film for male nudity!

Danny Pape
GDH was written on March 15, 2005


The delightful Danny provides much side nudity (including a rather tasty shot when he's laying on his back with the woman kneeling over him) during a sex scene. There are also two good shots of his bare bum as he thrusts into her.

Carlos Milano
GDH was written on March 15, 2005


Milano, whose body is cut like a statue, has a sex scene with Summer Fields. During it we briefly see his backside and pubic hair as she gives him head.

Brad Bartram
GDH was written on March 15, 2005


There's a quick but pleasing close-up of Bartram's bum as he climbs into a hot tub prior to a three-way sex scene (which includes a fair bit of side nudity as he's sitting on the rim of the tub receiving blow-jobs).

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