Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle In Paradise's Sexy Actresses

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Emmanuelle 2000: Emmanuelle In Paradise's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Curtis, Steve 1 Review
Bartram, Brad 1 Review

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Steve Curtis
celebman02 was written on April 3, 2002

Good scene, good bod!

(Credited as Craig Alexander) Steve's scene takes place in the last 5 minutes of this movie, and has the most male nudity than any of the other scenes in the movie. The scene is mixed in with another love scene. In the scene, you get a pretty decent shot of him in his red briefs and the girl undresses him. You see a little buldge in those undies. Later in the scene, we see his full butt while he and the girl are moving over to a counter. They then over over to the jukebox and finish the scene, giving us a couple more good rear shots. Definatly one of the better Steve Curtis scenes. Must see for fans of his

Brad Bartram
GDH was written on March 7, 2005


Unfortunately the majority of the men who get their kit off in this film would have looked better if they'd stayed clothed; it's left to Steve Curtis and Brad Bartram (here credited as 'Bartmann') to provide a little sex appeal. Bartram features in two sex scenes; the first is with a group of women in a hot tub and features bare hips only; the second, with Gabriella Hall, has a couple of good but criminally quick views of his bum.

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