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1976 Laure 1 Review

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Laure (1976)
Immy was written on December 13, 2007


Even though she's not the star, and despite the fact that she wrote and partially directed this chapter in the Emmanuelle series, Ms. Arsan shows a fair amount of skin. Her first scene is the best, though I suspect it was much better. At 0:40 she awakens in bed with Michele Starck (brief left breast) then there's an abrupt cut to both of them sitting nude and she's caressing Michele's leg with a flower. Looks post-coital to me. There's supposedly a heavy lez scene that's only in certain cuts of the film. Next she's in the shower with Al Cliver (0:50 full frontal soaping herself). It's the first time I've seen a man and a woman in the shower and nothing happens. A couple of minutes later she's sitting topless talking again with Al. Her last bit of nudity comes after she walks ashore out of a river. The wrap she's wearing opens up at the waist and her muff is briefly visible (1:04).

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