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Matthew Wolfenden
Ozzie700 was written on August 2, 2010

Embarrassment nudity

Matthew is a blonde, well built former gymnast, who is a very prime piece of eye candy. In an episode from late July 2010, his character, David, decides to surprise his girlfriend, not realizing that a friend is joining her for a visit. When he walks downstairs, wearing only a tool belt, hard hat, and nipple ring, we see his cute little ass. There's a funny and hot scene where they see his erection (we don't, obviously) and in a panic, he covers it with his hard hat, and he removes his hands, standing there with the hard hat just fitting perfectly in place.

McKinnon was written on March 21, 2017

Ass twice over

In 2016 Matthew's character asks his ex-girlfriend to take a picture of his balls as he is dealing with having testicular cancer. We don't see his balls of course but we get a nicely lit shot of his perfect ass after he drops trou. A year later his new wife takes saucy photos of him for her porno novel (oh the wild world of soaps...) and we see his ass while he's wearing nothing but an apron. The apron is so low-slung you can nearly see pubes as well.

Joseph Gilgun
Ozzie700 was written on April 5, 2008


Joseph plays swarthy Eli Dingle, who would probably look much better if he cut his straggly long brown hair or facial scruff, but he has a certain laid back, desperate charm. Eli had a nude scene which enabled Joseph to show off his pert backside.

Karl Davies
GDH was written on August 8, 2002


British soap opera about a rural farming community. In the episode first broadcast on 6 August 2002, Davies, slim, handsome in a 'best-looking boy in the sixth form' sort of way, shows his bum when he jumps out of bed and runs out of the door after being surprised by his girlfriend's mother. Davies plays a sixteen year-old in this; I assume that in real life he's slightly older.

Alex Carter
Ozzie700 was written on April 5, 2008

Partial rear

Alex, who has dark hair and an average but pleasant body, played goofy Lee Hunter on Hollyoaks for years and now plays goofy Jamie Hope on Emmerdale. In 2007 he began sleeping with an older woman. In one scene they show a naked Jamie from the back, and you can see part of Alex's left cheek. Not bad.

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