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2006 Schwarze Schafe 2 Reviews
2005 Straight 1 Review

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Schwarze Schafe (2006)
reed was written on January 8, 2011

Frontal and hard

His character Ali and Birol (Oktay Ozdemir) are standing in a boat in a lake with a back view. Then they're seen in fully erected.

Mortie was written on April 28, 2014

It doesn't come any better than this.

Three very hot young actors on a makeshift raft in the middle of a lake ... two of them (Eralp Uzun, aged 24 at the time of filming, and Oktay Özdemir, aged 19) totally naked, and with erections to boot!

I have read that the erections in this scene were not called for in the script -- rather, the late Eralp Uzun suggested it during filming, and the producer (along with Oktay Özdemir) agreed, but not the third actor who also appears in the scene, and who therefore keeps his shorts on.

Straight (2005)
dvdcollector was written on March 9, 2009

Upper third of butt

Goes into the shower and shows roughly the upper one-third of his butt. Attractive actor - and probably a nice butt - too bad he does not show more. In other scenes, we see him lying nude on his back, partly covered by a blanket, so only his side is showing.

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