Eric Acsell's Sexy Filmography

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year title
2000 Sexual Intrigue 4 Reviews
1999 Web of Seduction 2 Reviews
1999 Loveblind 1 Review
1998 Lolita 2000 1 Review
1997 Exotic House of Wax, The 1 Review

Eric Acsell's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2000 Passion Cove 2 Reviews

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Passion Cove (2000)
smc01 was written on May 3, 2002

Nice butt shots

It's true the shots of Eric's ass are short but they're so well lit as he's having sex in broad daylight on the beach, and his bum was so large, round and smooth that I feel compelled to give the scene 3 stars. Eric is not the usual super-fit hunk we get on this show but personally I think he's one of the best looking facially I've seen in this series which makes the 3 or so shots of his fabulous cheeks all the more satisfying. I really wasnt prepared for his ass to be so nice! Short but very sweet!

Ozzie700 was written on April 25, 2002

Buns and Possible Frontal; Episode: Best Friends

Eric is the lead here. In a sex scene with a soon-to-be-ex, she kneels down to his dark, curly pubes at one point, and you may be able to make out his shaft. During a later scene with his best friend (now lover), there are overhead shots of his beefy cheeks as they have sex on a beach blanket. He looks pasty and puffy here, not worth more than **.

Sexual Intrigue (2000)
Russmicjack was written on January 15, 2002

First Sex Scene in the Movie

Pay close attention during this scene, and you'll see Eric's dick just hanging. It's very long. You might want to record it so you can play it back. It was yummy.

Russmicjack was written on January 19, 2002

First Sex Scene -- Correction

I saw this movie again and also recorded it. I played it back a few times and what I thought was Eric's long dick was actually the girl's foot in the background... You can still see his dick, but it's so quick so there's not much to see other than the fact that there was some dick in there. That sucks... I still think he has a long dick.

Ozzie700 was written on July 4, 2001


Eric is Charlie Taylor, an ex-con drawn into a web of money and sex. Eric isn't in bad shape here, nor is he super-fit. The shoulder-length hair almost suits him. He shows butt in a variety of trysts with the three females. A nice set of large, undeveloped cheeks.

GDH was written on October 12, 2002

Nude frequently

Acsell is a handsome man who would look even better if he lost a couple (only a couple) of pounds. He gives us five (count 'em!) nude scenes: we get side nudity and a couple of shadowy frontals in a sex scene with Kira Reed. Next he's with Kira again in a jacuzzi and shows obscured frontal and partial bum. Thirdly, we get partial/obscured butt in the shower. In a sex scene on a snooker table we finally get an unobscured view of his backside. The final scene of note is rather sexy side nudity, including bush, during another sex scene.

Web of Seduction (1999)
coresoft was written on January 2, 2005

Probably his best

Eric is a tough one to figure out. He has a thin, untoned body but a great ass. He has bad farmers tan but nice hair, yet his hair is always too long (Sexual Intrigue) or too short (Loveblind). Since most of this film takes place at nighttime and it's lit just perfectly, Eric is looking his best. He doesn't show much skin, but his scene with Nancy O'Brien is very hot. For better rear exposure, watch Sexual Intrigue. This role as the bastard husband is a bit of a departure for him; he usually plays the goofy sidekick (Key to Sex, Hollywood Sins) that never fails to score.

GDH was written on March 27, 2004

Side nudity and pubic hair

It's almost only side nudity from the slightly flabby Acsell during his sex scene with Nancy O'Brien, although we also see his pubic hair as he flops back on the bed afterwards.

Loveblind (1999)
Ozzie700 was written on June 26, 2001

Average Butt Nice

Eric has an average, skinny body and an average, pleasant face, but he shows a surprising amount of skin here. He's Nick, husband to Kim Yates. Their first sex scene is in darkness, but as she kisses down his chest, look for a possible glimpse of willy (small, maybe he's a grower and not a shower) along with an extended view of dark, curly pubic hair. The second sex scene is during daylight hours, showing off his round and firm (and clenching) backside as he slowly drives into her. The third and last is a pool fantasy with Catalina; buns are easily seen underwater, although his privates may have been covered.

Lolita 2000 (1998)
GDH was written on April 16, 2005


This film is also known as 'O Lita 2000'. We see Acsell's bum as Gabriella Hall pulls his underwear down, and again as he rolls over on the bed.

Exotic House of Wax, The (1997)
smc01 was written on May 11, 2003

No nudity

Admittedly I missed the first 20 or so minutes of this movie, but I dont believe that Acsell has any nudity at all. Which is surprising considering the amount of gratuitous rear nudity he has done in several other movies. Then again, I may have seen the edited version as this was on UK cable TV.

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